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Brief: Indiegogo Alum Atlas Fulfills Backer Perks

On Friday, wearable startup, Atlas Wearables, announced the completion of shipping Indiegogo orders. In January 2014, the Atlas Wristband secured over $638,000 through the global crowdfunding platform. The Atlas Wristband enables athletes and trainers to focus their time and resources on maximizing their workouts by… Read More

Atlas Wearable Engineer Hired by Apple

So rewards based crowdfunding has quickly become fertile ground for proving market viability of the next cool product while raising some cash.  There are more than a few companies that validated their product via Kickstarter or Indiegogo and then quickly were acquired or caught the… Read More

Kickstarter Campaign Helps Engineers Win $250K Sikorsky Prize

479 backers can and should be proud. They had a major hand in achieving a goal that stood unmet for 30 years. That goal is called the Sikorsky Prize, and it is centered around a seemingly simply goal: make a human-powered helicopter fly for 60… Read More

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