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CrowdCheck Rolls Out Bad Actor Report For Crowdfunding Issuers

For crowdfunding issuers, a bad actor in the ranks could be the difference between a successful campaign and a nightmare scenario. Of course, it can be difficult to determine whether or not an individual is a “bad actor” by the SEC’s standards. This is where… Read More

How the SEC “Bad Actor” Rules Will Affect Equity Crowdfunding

When I think of bad actors, I think of Keanu Reeves and William Shatner. When the Securities and Exchange Commission mentions bad actors, they are talking about people they want to prevent from using equity crowdfunding in order to protect investors from fraud. Before the… Read More

SEC Fact Sheets Regarding General Solicitation on Private Offerings

The SEC has released a set of three different Fact Sheets regarding their meeting today which addressed General Solicitation for certain offerings as well as Disqualification of Felons or “Bad Actors” from Rule 506 Private Placements along with rules which impact the number and types… Read More

Takeaways from the SEC Forum on Small Business Capital Formation

The 2012 Forum on Small Business Capital Formation is in the books. Industry leaders met with representatives from the SEC in an effort to build consensus on regulatory recommendations for crowdfunding’s implementation in the US. Although the movement has come a long way, there is… Read More

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