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BrewDog US Launch: Maverick British Brewer Seeks $50 Million in Reg A+ Equity Crowdfunding Offer

Equity for Punks Crosses the Atlantic and Invades the USA. BrewDog to Challenge “Archaic Financial Institutions.” BrewDog, Scotland’s largest independent brewer, has launched its US equity crowdfunding offer following years of success in raising capital from its consumers in the UK. BrewDog was founded in… Read More

Only 3% of Venture-Funded Businesses Have Female CEOs? Alexandra Lebenthal & Stacey Bendet Launch BankRoll Women to Close Funding Gap

“It’s time to start evening the playing field for women in business,” Lebenthal commented. Alexandra Lebenthal, who Fortune named “The New Queen of Wall Street,” has joined forces with alice + olivia CEO and Creative Director Stacey Bendet to create BankRoll Women, a company that will help women entrepreneurs at… Read More

CFA Institute: Crowdfunding & Data Standards Discussed at NYC FinTech Forum

XBRL US announced a free half-day FinTech forum for financial technologists, investors, analysts, regulators, investor relations professionals and data providers: Crowdfunding & Data Standards. The forum, hosted by Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business and sponsored by the CFA Institute, is designed to provide an introduction to… Read More

InventHelp Preps FundAnIdea, an Invention Focused Crowdfunding Platform

Pittsburgh based InventHelp, has announced the forthcoming launch of an invention focused crowdfunding platform FundAnIdea which will launch in coming weeks. The site will offer both rewards based and equity based crowdfunding. InventHelp was established in 1984 and currently employs over 100 people and is said… Read More

InventHelp Set to Launch Invention-Focused Crowdfunding Platform “FundAnIdea”

InventHelp, an inventor service company in Pittsburgh, PA, has announced they are creating an invention-focused crowdfunding platform, FundAnIdea, which will launch in fall 2015. FundAnIdea will allow inventors to create a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to help fund their idea. Inventors will be able… Read More

New Crowdfunding Platform BankRoll Targets Regulation A+ & Regulation D Issuers

On June 19, 2015, it became legal for businesses to raise up to $50 million by conducting an online Mini-IPO under a new exemption known as “Regulation A+.” On that same date, two attorneys, Anthony Zeoli and Kendall Almerico, revealed the launch of Bankroll – a… Read More

Kendall Almerico & Kevin Harrington Talk Crowdfunding (Video)

Kendall Almerico, CEO of FundHub and founder of CrowdItForward (an Crowdfund Insider contributor), along with Kevin Harrington, founder of As Seen on TV, recently hit the studios of Bloomberg to talk crowdfunding. They were interviewed by Pimm Fox as part of the “Taking Stock” series…. Read More

Kickstarter, Leader for Now, Responds to Shifting Market with New Rules

Kickstarter recently announced major changes to the way they approve campaigns on their site. The first change is a creation of a “Launch Now” button where a project, if it successfully passes through an algorithm, can be immediately posted on the site. This removes the… Read More

The Oculus-Facebook Buyout: The Best Ad For Equity Crowdfunding Ever

I have written about the misconception by some members of the general public that equity crowdfunding and rewards-based crowdfunding are the same thing.  Many people are misinformed and do not understand that Title III of the JOBS Act has nothing to do with rewards-based crowdfunding…. Read More

SVCrowdfund Event Looks Towards Future of Crowdfunding

On the eve of Global Crowdfunding Day, many of the industries leading voices gathered for the 2nd Annual Silicon Valley Crowdfunding Expo and Conference, held at the Sheraton Palo Alto in California on April 3-4. Founded and organized by longtime entrepreneur and publisher of Crowdfundbeat,… Read More

Ruth Hedges & Kendall Almerico Launch Crowdfunding Live Radio

Kendall Almerico and Ruth Hedges are launching Crowdfunding Radio Live, the first national radio program about the booming multi-billion dollar crowdfunding industry, The two hosts will hold a two-hour call-in show every Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. EST beginning April 9, 2014. Crowdfunding Radio Live… Read More

Can the JOBS Act Save The American Dream?

Photo courtesy John Morgan on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/aidanmorgan/

A recently Marist-McClatchy poll found that eight out of 10 Americans no longer believe they can achieve the American Dream. Almost the same percentage of those polled said that things will not get better for future generations. The level of pessimism regarding the present economy… Read More

Compliance Site FundHub Announces Launch

The founders of ClickStartMe and Crowd It Forward, have partnered with Kevin Carreno, one of the 25 members of  the FINRA Board of Governors to launch a crowdfunding compliance site FundHub.  Announced today in a release, the co-founders include Kendall Almerico and Tess Hottenroth, both… Read More

Charity Crowdfunding site Crowd It Forward to Help Feed Homeless Veterans

Charity crowdfunding site Crowd It Forward and veteran-owned food truck DC Slices will feed lunch to homeless Washington DC veterans on December 21st. This “Random Act of Crowdfunding” combines support for a veteran-owned small business with assistance for veterans in need. The program, entitled “The… Read More

How the SEC “Bad Actor” Rules Will Affect Equity Crowdfunding

When I think of bad actors, I think of Keanu Reeves and William Shatner. When the Securities and Exchange Commission mentions bad actors, they are talking about people they want to prevent from using equity crowdfunding in order to protect investors from fraud. Before the… Read More

Has The SEC Made Equity Crowdfunding Economically Unfeasible?

When the proposed SEC equity crowdfunding rules were released on October 23, those of us who had been anxiously waiting for months were finally given what we had been begging for. The long-awaited SEC rules had finally arrived. Equity crowdfunding under the JOBS Act was about to become… Read More

Crowd It Forward Brings In Broadcast Veterans To Bolster Video Production

Crowd It Forward is a “non-profit foundation that brings people together to respond to the needs of individuals in difficult circumstances and to reward those whose acts deserve recognition through random acts of crowdfunding.” Crowd It Forward is a sister project to crowdfunding platform ClickStartMe…. Read More

Crowd It Forward is A Site Designed for Random Acts of Crowdfunding

The ClickStartMe Foundation has launched Crowd It Forward, a crowdfunding site organization that accepts tax deductible donations and creates “Random Acts of Crowdfunding” for those in need.  Crowd It Forward is a  noto for profit company 501(c)(3) that will accept tax deductible donations for those… Read More

ClickStartMe CEO Says SEC Ruling on Crowdfunding a Mixed Bag

Kendall Almerico, CEO of crowdfunding site ClickStartMe, recently commented on the JOBS Act ruling issued by the SEC that allows general solicitation of accredited investors under certain circumstances. “While the SEC’s new JOBS Act regulations do not address the crowdfunding portion of the JOBS Act… Read More

ClickStartMe CEO Kendall Almerico: Crowdfunding Video Series

5 Things Every Crowdfunding Pitch Video Needs 5 Reasons To Build A Team For Your Crowdfunding Campaign 5 Things To Do Before Launching Your Project 5 Ways To Start A Business With Crowdfunding 5 Ways To Grow Your Business With Crowdfunding 5 Ways Equity Crowdfunding… Read More

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