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Generative AI Is Becoming Increasingly Relevant for Firms Based in Germany – Report

Generative AI is becoming increasingly relevant for German companies: More than half of the companies (53 per cent) are planning to significantly expand their investment activities, according to an update from KPMG. More than half of these companies even want “to increase their investments by… Read More

Northern Ireland based Small Businesses Are Increasingly Using External Finance – Report

The British Business Bank has released a new report showing that 56% of smaller businesses in Northern Ireland are using external finance. The report, entitled, Northern Ireland SME Access to Finance Report, shares key insights about small businesses operating in the area. 📢Out today, our… Read More

Only 9 Months of Bitcoin Supply Reportedly Left on Exchanges Due to BTC Halving Related Supply Reduction

Bybit, a global crypto exchange, has released a new report showing that the current supply dynamics of Bitcoin leave only nine months of supply left on exchanges. This market trend is being attributed to the Bitcoin halving, which reduces supply by 50%. Post-halving, the Bitcoin… Read More

Global Point-of-Sale Terminal Transactions to Reach $17T by End of 2024 – Payments Research Report

A new study from Juniper Research, the researchers focused on fintech markets, has forecast that the value of global POS (Point-of-Sale) terminal transactions will reach $17 trillion by the end of 2024, and grow by 25% to 2028. This growth comes despite the recent POS… Read More

Digitalization Improved Swedish Payments Market But New Challenges Emerged – Riksbank Report

The digitalization of the Swedish payments market has contributed to faster, smoother and more efficient payments, according to a research report from Riksbank. But this development has also brought a number of challenges. Several groups in society “experience digital and financial exclusion, and there are… Read More

BNPL Adoption Report: Buy Now Pay Later Client Satisfaction Improves But Service Provider Performance Varies Significantly

Although the rapid rise of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services has been accompanied by a growing chorus of concern about runaway consumer debt, the customers who are using these services are growing “increasingly satisfied with their experiences.” According to the J.D. Power 2024 U.S…. Read More

Digital Assets Survey Reveals Bitcoin and Ethereum Have Most Compelling Growth Outlook

James Butterfill, Head Of Research at CoinShares, has shared the results of the latest digital asset fund manager survey. As noted in the update, 75% of all respondents believe Bitcoin and Ethereum have “the most compelling growth outlook.” As mentioned in the report, digital assets… Read More

Digital Economy Index from Airwallex Reveals Australians Spent More Towards End of 2023 Compared to Previous Year

Australians spent nearly AUD$200 more through the latest peak sales season in 2023 compared with 2022, according to the latest Digital Economy Index from global financial platform Airwallex. The Airwallex Digital Economy Index reportedly “records year-to-date spending per adult, as well as quarter-by-quarter snapshots of… Read More

Majority of UK Startups Self-Finance New Ventures – Research Study

Financing a new business can be one of the biggest hurdles entrepreneurs face, according to an update shared by UK’s Starling Bank. Some 85% of UK startups launched in the last three years “have relied on the founder’s personal capital as the initial source of… Read More

UK Savers’ Most Significant Financial Achievements: Home Ownership Tops List, According to PensionBee Research

Buying a home and paying off the mortgage are the “biggest financial wins” that make people proud, while living in debt and spending beyond one’s means are the “nation’s biggest regrets,” according to research shared by online pension provider PensionBee. A survey by PensionBee has… Read More

Digital Lending Software Firm Blend’s Mortgage Suite Saves Resources with Product Automation and Streamlined Application Flows – Report

Blend has shared the 2023 Mortgage Suite ROI Study. Jordan Brown, CEO of MarketWise Advisors LLC, has distributed the third annual Blend return on investment (ROI) impact analysis “conducted by MarketWise Advisors.” The study reportedly provides “an independent evaluation of Blend’s mortgage technology and its… Read More

Malware Report: Banking Apps Susceptible to FjordPhantom, a Cyber Threat Targeting Southeast Banks

Promon, the provider of application shielding technology responsible for recently uncovering FjordPhantom, an emerging cyber threat targeting banks in Southeast Asia, reveals the findings of its research into “the susceptibility of the world’s top banking apps to this sophisticated new strain of malware.” In September… Read More

Auto Lenders Lagging When it Comes to Digital Transformation Efforts, Report Reveals

Against a backdrop of shrinking margins and strained profitability, auto lenders need to do everything they can “to deliver stand-out customer experiences while reducing administrative costs,” according to a research report. While similar businesses, such as retirement plan administrators, property and casualty (P&C) insurers and… Read More

Percent, the Firm Supporting the Private Credit Marketplace, Shares Outlook for 2024, Outlines Key Macroeconomic Trends

Percent, the firm powering the modern private credit marketplace, released its market outlook for 2024. The report, titled Percent’s 2024 Private Credit Outlook, summarizes “the key macroeconomic trends from 2023 that propelled the asset class forward, with insights on what investors can expect for the… Read More

Climate Finance Remains Key Priority, Funding to Reach Net-Zero Still Falling Short – WEF Report

Climate finance was central to discussions at COP28 in Dubai and funding to reach net-zero and restore biodiversity is still falling short, according to an update shared by the World Economic Forum (WEF). New research published by WEF highlights priorities “for action and shows how… Read More

Identity Fraud Types Now Include AI-powered Fraud, Money Muling Networks, Fake IDs, Account Takeovers, Forced Verification – Report

The top-5 identity fraud types in 2023 are: AI-powered fraud, money muling networks, fake IDs, account takeovers and forced verification. This, according to an update from Sumsub. Sumsub recently released its third annual Identity Fraud Report of the year. The report provides a comprehensive analysis… Read More

Basel Committee to Consult on Targeted Revisions to Standards on Crypto-Asset and Interest Rate Risk

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision met virtually on 5 and 7 December to discuss a range of policy and supervisory initiatives. The Committee took stock of its review of various elements of “the prudential standard for banks’ exposures to crypto-assets published in December 2022.”… Read More

Stablecoins Are Pivotal in Risk Management within Web3, Provide Safeguard Against Volatility Characteristic of Digital Asset Market – Report

The CertiK team has released an update, titled, The Rise of Stablecoins in Unstable Times. As noted in a blog post by CertiK, the total value of circulating stablecoins currently “stands north of $120 billion.” As stated in the CertiK update, they have steadily “grown… Read More

£900 Billion+ in Investments Needed by UK’s Energy Supply Ecosystem to Reach Net Zero by 2050 – NatWest and BCG Report

The UK’s energy supply could require more than £900 billion in capital expenditure to achieve net zero by 20501, opening up “a significant opportunity for public and private capital in enabling a successful transition,” according to a new report published by NatWest and Boston Consulting… Read More

AI Adoption Across Industries Leading to Concerns About Legal Risks and Job Displacement – EY US Research Study

The artificial intelligence (AI) boom across all industries has fueled “anxiety” in the workforce, with employees fearing ethical usage, legal risks and job displacement, according to new data from Ernst & Young LLP (EY US). The AI Anxiety in Business Survey is based “on findings… Read More

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