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EquityZen Shares Data on Portfolio Performance

EquityZen, a secondary market for private securities and fund platform, recently posted an update on platform performance. The results are interesting. First of all, investing in any early stage firm is a risky endeavor. Many, if not most, early stage companies fail or meander along…. Read More

FundersClub Updates on 5 Years of Investing

FundersClub was launched five years ago this month. Designed to be an online marketplace providing access to compelling early stage investment opportunities. An accredited investor only platform, the VC hybrid strategy provided a larger “crowd” the option to participate in a good number of high… Read More

RateSetter Releases Performance Statistic Update

P2P lender RateSetter announced on Friday it has updated its performance statistics. According to the lending platform, a new set of fields on the Performance by year means investors may now view the amount lent by year, which is broken down by lending type. The… Read More

Bette Midler Promotes Crowdrise Initiative By Challenging Kim Kardashian to Use Her Selfies For Charity

For those who are not up-to-date on the latest Twitter drama, earlier this week Kim Kardashian made headlines after she posted a naked selfie on the social media platform and some celebrities shared their opinion about the reality star’s need to show off her body,… Read More

UK’s The Stable Musical Theatre Seeks Funds on Crowdcube to Produce New Musical Productions & Workshops

Earlier this week, UK-based Stable Musical Theatre launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube to raise funds for new musical productions. The company, which was launched in 2014, was notably created to commission, develop and produce musical products. It is currently aiming to produce ten new… Read More

Globe to Globe Hamlet Campaign Struggles on Kickstarter

With less than a week left of its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, the Globe to Globe Hamlet is struggling to make its £200k goal. In celebration of William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday, Globe Theatre opened the campaign for its most ambitious tour yet: a two-year world… Read More

Breaking The Piggybank: A Deeper Dive Into Invested.in

AlbertaBoostR.ca looks like any other beta-level crowdfunding web site at first glance. Projects are somewhat sparse but for those that are participating funding seems strong. Those in the know will like the hyperlocal slant of the site, focusing on projects and startups in the province… Read More

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