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SEC Settles with Robo Advisors Wealthfront & Hedgeable on Claims of False Statements

Lost in Space Robot

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) settled proceedings against Wealthfront Advisors LLC and Hedgeable, Inc, regarding claims of making false statements and publishing misleading advertising. This enforcement action marks the first the SEC has taken against Robo-advisors – a hot sector of Fintech. Wealthfront, a… Read More

SEC Levels Charges Against Digital Asset Fund Manager in First Ever Crypto Enforcement Action

Crypto Asset Management LP

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has taken its first-ever enforcement action against a hedge fund manager based on its investments in digital assets. The SEC has issued an Order finding Crypto Asset Management LP (CAM) as operating as an unregistered investment company. The SEC… Read More

How Not to be a VC: SEC Charges HBS Grad Mike Rothenberg with Fraud

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged Michael (Mike) B. Rothenberg, and his firm Rothenberg Ventures with fraud. Rothenberg, and his company, has agreed to settle the charges without admitting nor denying the allegations incorporated in the SEC complaint. The SEC states that Rothenberg’s… Read More

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