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Bankrupt Cryptocurrency Lender Celsius Submits its Bankruptcy Plan for Creditor Vote

Crypto-asset lender Celsius Network on Monday (August 14, 2023) received a US bankruptcy judge’s permission to obtain creditor approval for its ongoing bankruptcy plan, which is presenting a proposal to exit Chapter 11 as a another business entity that would be owned by the firm’s… Read More

CFTC Files Suit Against Celsius and Founder Alex Mashinsky

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has joined the SEC in filing a civil complaint against Celsius Network and its founder and former CEO Alex Mashinsky. Criminal charges were filed by the US Department of Justice as well in a trifecta of legal action against… Read More

SEC Files Charges Against Celsius Network and Founder Alex Mashinsky

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed charges against Celsius Network and its founder and former CEO, Alex Mashinsky. At the same time, the US Department of Justice has filed criminal charges against Celsius, Mashinsky and former Chief Revenue Officer Roni Cohen-Pavon. The SEC… Read More

Celsius Network, Founder Alex Mashinsky and Former CRO Criminally Charged with Fraud, Mashinsky Arrested

Alex Mashinsky Arrested Today. The founder and former CEO of Celsius Network, Alex Mashinsky, and the former Chief Revenue Officer of Celsius, Roni Cohen-Pavon have been charged by the US Department of Justice with defrauding customers and manipulating the market for the Celsius token. Celsius… Read More

Bankrupt Crypto Lender Celsius to Submit April 12 Filing, Will Have Details on Voting for Restructuring Phase

Bankrupt cryptocurrency lender Celsius Network recently revealed that it would be going ahead with its planned Chapter 11 restructuring process with a disclosure statement including pertinent information for its claim holders. Last week, we filed our Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization (“the Plan”) with the… Read More

Bankrupt Crypto Lender Celsius Reaches Agreement to Return Digital Assets in Custody Program

After months of litigation, Celsius recently revealed it has reached an agreement with the Custody Ad Hoc Group and the UCC on a Settlement that reportedly “returns most digital assets in the Custody Program to account holders who opt in to the Settlement.” Custody users… Read More

Crypto Expert Predicts Alex Mashinsky, Former Celsius CEO, Will Go To Prison for a Long Time

“The business model Celsius advertised and sold to its customers was not the business that Celsius actually operated.” – Court Document, Filed January 31, 2023 Celsius, one of the first big crypto firms to fail and file for bankruptcy protection, continues to meander its way… Read More

Crypto Firms Will Need to Be Aware of State Attorneys General, which Have Massive Power to Enforce Consumer Protection Laws, Legal Expert Explains

Another enforcement shoe has dropped against a major crypto exchange with the announcement of a lawsuit by New York’s Attorney General against Celsius Network CEO/co-founder Alex Mashinsky. AG Letitia James accuses Mashinsky of “defrauding thousands of investors out of billions of dollars in digital funds,… Read More

Crypto Failures Report: Digital Asset Platforms Lost Record $15.5 Billion in 2022

You may quibble about totals, but the value lost in digital assets during 2022 was pretty enormous. If you exited at the end of 2021 – congratulations. If you remained invested or HODLed. Sorry. On top of that, multiple centralized crypto platforms imploded, and the… Read More

New York Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Alex Mashinsky, Founder of Celsius Network

  New York Attorney General Letitia James has filed a lawsuit against the beleaguered founder and former CEO of Celsius Network, Alex Mashinsky. Celsius is in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings. Once a high-profile crypto executive, Mashinsky exited the firm this past September. According to… Read More

Sorry. You Put Money Into Celsius Earn, You Gave it Away. Court Ruling Crushes Hopes of Impacted Investors

Celsius Network, once a high-flying digital asset platform that promised incredible returns for its investors, is meandering its way through the bankruptcy process as the platform collapsed last year. Yesterday, the courts published an Opinion that Celsius Earn investors will not like. Last June, Celsius… Read More

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Takes Action Against Loan Doctor Who Placed Some Funds into Now Bankrupt Celsius [u]

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has taken action against Edgar Radjabli, operator of Loan Doctor, who allegedly took customer funds and placed them in risky ventures like Celsius Network – a crypto yield platform that is now bankrupt. The complaint filed by the CFPB… Read More

Celsius Network Files Document Reminding Borrowers they Should Repay Loans But Don’t Have to Right Now

Celsius Network, a crypto yield and lending platform that is going through bankruptcy proceedings, has filed a document with the courts reminding borrowers they should repay outstanding loans but these outstanding debts and repayments are not currently being enforced. Celsius tweeted yesterday that the filed… Read More

Alex Mashinsky, Celsius CEO, Resigns

In a brief corporate statement, Alex Mashinsky, founder and CEO of Celsius Network, has resigned from the firm, effective immediately. Celsius is one of the crypto firms that grew rapidly providing incredible returns to investors via its crypto lending/yield platform, only to collapse in the… Read More

Leaked Audio Emerges of Celsius’ Bankruptcy Plan

Celsius, a crypto company that collapsed into bankruptcy in spectacular fashion, has had a discussion pertaining to its failure leaked on the internet. Posted by Tiffany Fong, she has also included a transcription of the audio as well as her opinion of the discussion. Apparently,… Read More

Filing in Celsius Bankruptcy Case Seeks to Permit Withdrawals for Some Customers

Celsius Network has emerged as another emblematic platform reflecting the hubris of certain crypto firms in promising more than they can actually deliver. Celsius collapsed into Chapter 11 bankruptcy during a time of dramatic volatility, catalyzed by the collapse of TerraUSD, a stablecoin that ended… Read More

Ripple Labs Inc Is Reportedly Looking into Acquiring Assets of Bankrupt Crypto Lender Celsius

San Francisco’s blockchain payments Fintech Ripple Labs Inc, which is currently involved in an extensive legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), is reportedly interested in acquiring the assets of bankrupt cryptocurrency lending platform Celsius Network. This, according to statements shared by… Read More

Celsius Hearing Outlines Collapse in Value, Users May Now File for a Claim

Celsuis held its first hearing in bankruptcy court, publishing a presention that highlights the grim decline in value of its crypto holdings in just a few weeks. According to a presentation, as of March 30, 2022, Celsius helld over $22 billion in assets. That amount… Read More

Celsius Bankrupt. Files for Chapter 11

Celsius Network, at one time one of the most popular crypto yield and lending platforms, has filed for bankruptcy protection under chapter 11, thus removing all speculation as to whether or not the platform could reanimate itself during a collapse in crypto valuations. Celsius effectively… Read More

Lawsuit Filed Against Celsius Alleging “Classic Ponzi Scheme”

Celsius Network, a once-prominent crypto lending and yield platform that bashed traditional banks, has been sued in the State of New York, blasted with allegations of operating a “classic Ponzi scheme.” Last month, Celsius effectively shut down operations. On June 13th, Celsius tweeted: [we] are… Read More

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