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Crowdfund Banking & Lending Summit #CFGE

CFGE: Crowdfund Banking and Lending Summit, presented by Coastal Shows, is a two-day comprehensive deep dive into new opportunities in finance and peer-to-peer crowdfunding. Designed to be the premier networking and educational event for new financial opportunities in 2014, the CFGE: Crowdfund Banking and Lending Summit in… Read More

Prosper Originated $170 Million in Loans Last Month. Leaps $2 Billion in Loans

P2P Lender Has Generated One Billion in Loans Since February of 2014 to October. Peer to peer lender Prosper revealed in a recent interview the fast growing platform originated $170 million in loans for the month of September.  Prosper states they are approximately 1/3 of… Read More

Crowdfund Investment & Alternative Finance Summit in NYC this Week

Coastal Shows has chosen New York City as the location for its next crowdfunding event, bringing industry experts and leaders together June 26 and 27 for the Crowdfund Global Expo (CFGE) Crowdfund Investment and Alternative Finance Summit. Many leading capital markets experts will focus on… Read More

CFGE Crowdfund Summit Series Starts in Austin

Crowdfund Global Expo (CFGE) kicks off a series of investment crowdfunding events over the coming weeks with a first stop in Austin, Texas where the hot topic of Real Estate will be addressed. The in depth event will provide a venue for many industry leaders… Read More

CFGE Crowdfunding – Real Estate Summit Lists Industry Speakers

    Coastal Shows is bringing industry experts and leaders together for the Crowdfund Global Expo (CFGE) Crowdfund Real Estate Summit and the co-located CFGE Crowdfund Entrepreneur Summit. Two days of panels focused on real estate, finance, small business, women entrepreneurs and the oil and… Read More

Casting Call for CFGE Crowdfund Entrepreneur Summit for Reality Show

Entrepreneurs and inventors are invited to apply to be the next reality star, getting funding and fame for their companies at the upcoming Coastal Shows Crowdfund Global Expo (CFGE) Crowdfunding Entrepreneur Summit. The casting call for the new reality TV show “American Gnuity” will be… Read More

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