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Stablecoin Standard and Chainlink Labs Form Channel Partnership to Enable Adoption of Stablecoins

Stablecoin Standard, the industry body for stablecoin issuers, has established a channel partnership with Chainlink Labs, developers of the industry-standard decentralized computing platform Chainlink. This partnership will support “the adoption of stablecoins through education, resources, and shared initiatives.” Stablecoin Standard is the industry body for… Read More

Vodafone Digital Asset Broker and Chainlink Labs Streamline Trade via Blockchain Innovation

Vodafone’s Digital Asset Broker (DAB) announced it has demonstrated a proof of concept with Sumitomo Corporation, Chainlink Labs and InnoWave to “address longstanding challenges in the $32 trillion global trade ecosystem.” The demonstration focused on “the seamless exchange of crucial trade documents across diverse platforms… Read More

Tencent Cloud Partners with Chainlink Labs, a Developer of the Chainlink Network

The team at Tencent is pleased to announce that Tencent Cloud, which is described as one of the world’s leading cloud companies, has entered into a partnership with Chainlink Labs, a developer of the Chainlink Network. This partnership will “help support the development of the… Read More

NFTs: FSN, Chainlink Labs to Accelerate NFT Adoption in South Korea

The team at FSN is pleased to announce a channel partnership with Chainlink Labs in order “to accelerate the widespread adoption of NFTs and the NFT ecosystem in South Korea.” The channel partnership between Chainlink Labs and FSN will “help boost the adoption of the… Read More

Borrow Lend DeFi: Interest Protocol Partners with Chainlink

Interest Protocol, a borrow/lend protocol launched in June 2022, has announced a strategic partnership with Chainlink Labs. Interest Protocol previously incorporated Chainlink Price feeds for data. Interest Protocol states that it is integrating Chainlink Keepers to help automate smart contract functions. Chainlink Proof of Reserves… Read More

Swell Network Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds and Proof of Reserve

Swell Network, a permissionless, non-custodial, and liquid ETH staking protocol, has integrated Chainlink Price Feeds on Ethereum. Swell Network is also “integrating Chainlink Proof of Reserve to help ensure that its liquid staking receipt token (LSRT) – Swell ETH (swETH) – is always fully backed… Read More

Chainlink Labs Welcomes 2 Executives to C-Suite

Chainlink Labs, the organization developing a global decentralized oracle standard to support mainstream blockchain adoption, today announced that Dr. Dahlia Malkhi, former Diem Association chief technology officer as well as a lead researcher at Novi, has joined as a chief research officer. Dr. Malkhi joins… Read More

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