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Crowd Dialog Europe – Vienna

In partnership with the EU Commission and the Parliament of Austria, the city of Vienna invites THE European Business Transformation Experts and Country Delegations from all 28 European member states, discussing diverse practical and conceptional scenarios beyond the hype from the fields of alternative Finance, Blockchain Innovation and Digitalization. Crowdfunding has played a significant role… Read More

Crowd Dialog Europe will See Crowdfunding Experts from All 28 EU Member States Join in Athens

Crowd Dialog Europe 2017 will take place in Athens, Greece this coming September. The EU sponsored event will have the participation of crowdfunding experts from across all 28 EU member states. Organizers expect over 400 representatives from business, academia and politics will convene to discuss the most current… Read More

Crowd Dialog Europe – Helsinki

Crowd Dialog Europe is an independently organized event in partnership with the EU Commission, DIGILE and Estonia happening late August 2015 in Helsinki.  Crowd Dialog Europe is a full-day event being curated by numerous CrowdSourcing and CrowdFunding associations, with an audience of about 300 in… Read More

Crowd Dialog Europe Partners with EC, Prepares for August Event

The inaugural Crowd Dialog Europe event is scheduled to take place next month in Helsinki, Finland. The conference is described as an “experts gathering” with participants from over 25 different countries who will meet to discuss the most recent developments in crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, and crowd-innovation.  Crowd… Read More

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