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A Crowdfunded Movie About Crowdfunding Now On DVD And VOD: ‘Capital C’

  When filming a documentary about crowdfunding, crowdfunding seems only natural as the way to fund it. Enter “Capital C,” among the first crowdfunded feature-length documentaries about crowdfunding–or as the tagline states, “Crowdfunding. Crowdsourcing. Bottle Koozies.” “Capital C” successfully raised $84,298 with 586 backers on Kickstarter. For the documentary, filmmaking… Read More

BankMobile Announces New Crowdsourcing Contest “BYOB: Build Your Own Bank!”

BankMobile, a division of Customers Bank (NYSE: CUBI) and a bank that offers a no fee, mobile, online and tablet banking platform, today announced the launch of its new crowdsourcing contest, “BYOB – Build Your Own Bank!” The contest is open to the public and the… Read More

CadCrowd Wants To Help Turn Ideas Into Prototypes Without Breaking The Bank

So you’ve got a great idea for a product. Some great pain point in your life would disappear if this product existed, and of course you aren’t unique; in solving your problems you’ll solve the same problem for millions of other people. It’s perfect. The… Read More

With Roots In Occupy Movement, Loomio On Its Way To Being Crowdfunded

A decision-making platform with roots in the Occupy Movement is being crowdfunded on Crowdtilt right now, and it just closed out a great first week of funding. The campaign raised over $34,000 and has a good head start toward a $100,000 goal. So what is… Read More

Massolution Schedules Inaugural Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding Conference

Scheduled in New York City, September 18th – 19th. Massolution, a research firm specializing in the crowdsourcing and crowdfunding industries, has announced its inaugural conference – Massolution NYC 2013: Crowd Powered Business. The one-day main event and half-day workshop, exclusive to large enterprises, governments and institutions,… Read More

Lab Zero Releases Skullgirls PC Beta For Backers, Crowdsourcing Feedback

Skullgirls has announced the release of a beta version of the game to backers of their wildly successful Indiegogo campaign. They’re also asking backers to be active participants in the testing of the game, encouraging the submission of bug reports via email. This all comes… Read More

Crowd Control? Social Nature Of Crowdfunding Should Control Fraud, Advocates Say

Crowdfunding has the potential to revolutionize how small businesses raise capital, but it generates an old worry: the possibility for fraud. But crowdfunding advocates say not to worry. The public nature of the investing model should help investors quickly identify and put a stop to… Read More

Crowdfunding matures to regulation

Although many aspects of crowdfunding regulation are still pending federal approval, the developing social fundraising system can offer growth opportunities for startups. Crowdfunding was the main topic recently for the Western Michigan chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth at its breakfast series, at Kent Country Club… Read More

Retrospective: Susan Wilson’s Kickstarter Success And Resulting PR Fiasco

Now that the dust has settled regarding the Kickstarter campaign to send a 9 year old girl to “RPG Camp,” I think it is extremely important to reflect on what happened, digest the events and see if there is anything to learn. To allow something… Read More

CrowdIt Promises $10,000 To Top Project In Launch Contest

CrowdIt has announced their CrowdIt Launch Challenge, a contest that will reward the most successful project on their platform with an additional $10,000 in funds. CrowdIt is a new platform that is set to launch on June 4th, 2013. Crowdfunders have to submit their projects by… Read More

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