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Fintech Moved Mainstream: Reflections on 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, here are some highlights from WWF, the wonderful world of fintech. And what a year it’s been!  At the close of last year, the world watched Lending Club’s astounding IPO. By this November, the firm surpassed $13B from borrowers since its 2006 launch. During… Read More

FlashFunders Celebrates One Year, Partners with Raven Ventures & Secures $10 Million in Startup Seed Round Funding

FlashFunders announced on its one-year anniversary that it has successfully funded over ten million dollars in startup seed rounds. In addition to this investments milestone, FlashFunders will partner with Raven Ventures to ensure that featured offerings are provided access to an extensive global network of accredited investors. Raven… Read More

Wealth Migrate Opens Office in Shanghai, China

Wealth Migrate, the tenth-largest global real estate crowdfunding platform as reported by Massolution, today announced the opening of their newest office in Shanghai, China. The decision to open a second office in Asia is based on the exponential growth of crowdfunding in that region, their… Read More

InvestUp CEO James Tuckett Talks Crowdfunding: “2015 is a Watershed Year”

This week Crowdfund Insider featured Chris Tyrell’s post “Crowdfunding is Impacting the Global Economy” and Rodrigo Niño’s post “Crowdfunding: From Impossible, to Improbable to Inevitable in less than 10 years,” James Tuckett, CEO of investUP adds to this exciting conversation below as he shares his insights in a release regarding… Read More

iCrowdHotels Debuts Crowdfunding Platform For Hotels

iCrowd Hotels, Inc., a real estate developer and investor with a groundbreaking hospitality strategy focused on the millennial market, announced today the launch of its new crowdfunding platform. The new platform, which is focused on hotel properties across the globe, answers the mounting demand for direct access… Read More

Report Followup: InvestUP’s James Tuckett Shares his Perspective on Massolution’s Crowdfunding Publication

In a release, InvestUp MD and Co-Founder James Tuckett opined on Massolution’s Crowdfunding Report.  An excerpt follows: It’s not often that we get to write about the only global report on crowdfunding worth talking about. And this one’s doubly special, as we’ve waited for over two… Read More

Massolution Posts Research Findings: Crowdfunding Market Grows 167% in 2014, Crowdfunding Platforms Raise $16.2 Billion

Report Forecasts Total Global Crowdfunding to Reach $34.4 Billion in 2015 North America Remaining the Largest Market and Asia, Outpacing Europe in 2014, in Second Place As crowdfunding accelerates at an unprecedented rate, its impacting government policy, informing enterprise innovation and changing the role of… Read More

Real Estate Crowdfunding Will Top $2.5 Billion in 2015 as Sector Takes Off

One of the fastest segments of crowdfunding is the real estate sector. A perfect marriage of asset class with the convenience of online investing, real estate crowdfunding will completely alter the real estate finance industry.  Previously only an elite group of institutions and family offices… Read More

Fundable: Crowdfunding Will Add 270,000 Jobs In 2014

  Fundable is a crowdfunding platform based in Columbus, Ohio. The company released the following infographic, and it makes some pretty interesting claims regarding the economic impact crowdfunding is expected to have in 2014. It borrows data from the recent Fung Institute report, Massolution’s 2013… Read More

Examining The Broad Use Of The Term “Crowdfunding”

A new method of capital raising that is gaining increasing interest is crowdfunding. Generally, the term “crowdfunding” is used to describe a form of capital raising whereby groups of people pool money, typically comprised of very small individual contributions, to support an effort by others… Read More

LEGO to Keynote Massolution Crowdsourcing Conference

Massolution NYC 2013: Crowd Powered Business: How LEGO Powers a Billion Dollar Empire with Crowdsourcing. Massolution, a research firm specializing in the crowdsourcing and crowdfunding industries, has announced  that Troels Lange Andersen, Head of Community Business at LEGO, will be keynoting its inaugural conference – Massolution… Read More

Massolution NYC 2013: Crowd Powered Business

‘Massolution NYC 2013’ brings together thought leaders and practitioners to present rich case studies and information on how “crowd-powered” models are driving strategies that are changing the way companies compete and reduce costs. The conference is delivered in the format of 18-minute “Ted Talk”-style presentations… Read More

Massolution Schedules Inaugural Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding Conference

Scheduled in New York City, September 18th – 19th. Massolution, a research firm specializing in the crowdsourcing and crowdfunding industries, has announced its inaugural conference – Massolution NYC 2013: Crowd Powered Business. The one-day main event and half-day workshop, exclusive to large enterprises, governments and institutions,… Read More

The Soho Loft Plans NYC VC, Angel & Crowd Investing Conference For August

The Soho Loft has teamed with FundingPost.com for an event in New York City this August. The NYC VC, Angel and Crowd Investing Conference will bring together representatives from venture capital, angel groups and the crowdfunding space to discuss how to access capital in the 21st… Read More

Crowdwatch: Could Crowdfunding Save The U.S. Economy?

In its purest form, crowdfunding creates options for companies and organizations looking for ways to raise capital — a significant variable in an economy with close to 8 percent unemployment and slow GDP growth. According to the Mass Solution Crowdfunding Industry Report, these campaigns raised $2.7… Read More

The $5.1 Billion Future Of Crowdfunding Is More Than Kickstarter

The concept of offering a few bucks to help out a project might have started to help your friend’s new album, but new numbers show it’s growing rapidly–and turning into a legitimate form of investment. Crowdfunding is booming. More than 1 million campaigns across 308… Read More

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