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Fig Success “Wasteland 3” News: Video Game Shares Receive SEC Qualification Approval

Fig Publishing Inc. announced on Thursday it has been approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to offer Fig Game Shares for Wasteland 3,  which is currently being developed by inXile Entertainment, the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment Tides of Numenera. The game recently… Read More

Fig Celebrates Crowdfunding Platform’s Anniversary

On Friday, crowdfunding platform for video games, Fig, celebrated its “Figversary.” The website opened one year ago and already has numerous funding successes, which includes Psychonauts 2, Consortium: The Tower, Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch, and newly funded Wasteland 3. The Fig team shared a… Read More

Brief: 5th Cell Partners with Video Game Focused Platform Fig to Crowdfund Original IP

Last month, Double Fine’s Tim Schafer, inXile’s Brian Fargo, and Obsidian’s Feargus Urquhart launched Fig, which focuses exclusively on video games. The platform allows the reward-based component as a way of “proving out a market, de-risking investment, getting investors more excited.” If investors see fans supporting… Read More

Brief: Harmonix Joins Forces With New Crowdfunding Platform Fig; Announces Upcoming Project

On Thursday, Harmonix, the developer behind Guitar Hero and Rock Band, announced that it has formed a partnership with new crowdfunding platform, Fig. Last month, Double Fine’s Tim Schafer, inXile’s Brian Fargo, and Obsidian’s Feargus Urquhart, launched Fig, which focuses exclusively on games. The platform allows the reward-based… Read More

Kickstarter Alums Team Up to Launch New Crowdfunding Platform Dedicated to Video Games

On Tuesday, three Kickstarter alums, Double Fine’s Tim Schafer, inXile’s Brian Fargo, and Obsidian’s Feargus Urquhart, launched a new crowdfunding platform dedicated to video games called Fig. According to Wire, the new website will bring together fans and investors alike in a system of rewards-based… Read More

A Crowdfunded Movie About Crowdfunding Now On DVD And VOD: ‘Capital C’

  When filming a documentary about crowdfunding, crowdfunding seems only natural as the way to fund it. Enter “Capital C,” among the first crowdfunded feature-length documentaries about crowdfunding–or as the tagline states, “Crowdfunding. Crowdsourcing. Bottle Koozies.” “Capital C” successfully raised $84,298 with 586 backers on Kickstarter. For the documentary, filmmaking… Read More

inXile Entertainment Unveils Trailer For “Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut”; Showcases Kickstarter Video Game’s Improvements (Video)

Earlier this week, video game developer Brian Fargo and his team at inXile entertainment unveiled the trailer for Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut.  Wasteland 2 is described as the direct sequel to the first ever post-apocalyptic computer RPG. The game debuted on Kickstarter back in March 2012 and successfully secured over… Read More

Video Game Developer Brian Fargo Talks Kickstarter & Wasteland 2 (Video)

Sharing details about his Kickstarter success Wasteland 2, video game developer Brian Fargo sat down to chat about the highly anticipated RPG and his experience with the crowdfunding giant at last week’s E3 event. According to its campaign, Wasteland 2 is described as the direct sequel to… Read More

Kickstarter Introduces “Play Now” Video Game Service

Since being established in 2009, Kickstarter has gained some famous video games on its roster, including FTL: Faster than Light, Wasteland 2, The Banner Saga, Octodad:Dadliest Catch, Castle Story, and, of course, Broken Age. Now, the crowdfunding giant is ready to introduce a new service called Play Now. It will allow… Read More

Crowdfunding News Roundup: October 22, 2013

PolicyMic | Crowdfunding For Private Security in Oakland Ignores a Few Key Facts PolicyMic takes a deeper dive into the recent Crowdtilt campaigns funding private security forces in Oakland. What did they find? That some of the neighborhoods don’t have as much crime as one… Read More

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