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French Crypto Platform NaPoleon Plans November ICO with Chaineum

NaPoleon Crypto has reached an agreement with Chaineum, reportedly the first fully regulatory compliant French ICO boutique for conducting ICOs. The NaPoleonX platform will allow the selling of crypto investment vehicles (DAF – Decentralized Autonomous Funds) managed by algorithmic trading models and will regularly propose… Read More

Innovate Finance, Hartree Centre, Announce FinTech Blockchain Lab

The UK’s Innovate Finance has partnered-up with Hartree Centre to create the FinTech Blockchain lab.  Hartree Centre is a “high performance” computing and data analytics research facility which was founded by the UK government.  Innovate Finance is a not for profit group that was created… Read More

Guide to Crypto Currency (Infographic)

So the team over at Crowd for Angels has cooked up an infographic explaining the intriguing realm of Crypto Currencies.  Unless you have been on the Moon for the past few years (and without the internet) you are well aware of Bitcoin and other competing… Read More

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