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Crowd For Angels Signs MoU With Tokenization Platform myStake

Peer-to-peer lending platform Crowd For Angels announced last week it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Australian tokenization platform, myStake. Crowd for Angels reported that myStake is described as an end-to-end share tokenization, registry, and investor relations platform that provides company shareholders transparency,… Read More

Crowd for Angels Updates Investors Following ICO

Crowd for Angels launched an initial coin offering (ICO) pertaining to a “Liquid Crypto Bond” in March. The token offering closed on March 31st with the  Angel cryptocurrency commencing trading on the GetBTC exchange on April 12th. Investors in the Bond apparently received free Angel… Read More

Environmental Tech Company CNPPS Now Seeking to Raise Up to £100,000 Through Crowd for Angels Funding Round

Carbon Negative Permeable Pavement System (CNPPS) Limited, an environmentally friendly technology company whose flagship product can potentially save billions in infrastructure expenditure, as well reducing global warming, is now looking to raise up to £100,000 through issuing up to 25% of equity in the company… Read More

Crowd for Angels Updates on Initial Coin Offering Progress

Crowdfunding platform Crowd for Angels has shared that it is making progress in advancing its “Liquid Crypto Bond” issue and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of its ANGEL tokens. As Crowdfund Insider previously reported, Crowd for Angels is looking to raise up to £50 million through… Read More

Crowd for Angels Raises Money with £50 Million Liquid Crypto Bond ICO

Crowd for Angels has launched a “Liquid Crypto Bond” initial coin offering (ICO). The hybrid security is a mix between traditional debt and “Angel tokens.” Crowd for Angels expects to raise up to £50 million with the 5 year Liquid Crypto Bond paying 4% interest per… Read More

Crowd For Angels Launches £50 Million Bond Investment Opportunity

On Thursday, peer-to-peer lending platform Crowd For Angels reportedly announced the launch of its £50 million bond investment opportunity. This news comes less than a year after Crowd for Angels launched its first crowd bonds, which are described as specially created secured, high-interest products act are… Read More

Phenomenon One Communications Lists Crowd Bond on Crowd for Angels

Phenomenon One Communications (PH1), described as a profitable web-based telecommunications company, has successfully raised its minimum fundraising target through crowdfunding platform Crowd for Angels. PH1 has so far raised £67,004 from 29 investors via a 1 year crowd bond, paying an annual interest rate of… Read More

Telecommunications Company Phenomenon One Seeks New Investors Through Crowd For Angels

Phenomenon One Communications (PH1) is a fast growing and profitable web-based telecommunications company. In order to expand its operations, the company is now looking to raise up to £250,000 via a secured crowd bond on the Crowd for Angels crowdfunding platform. The 1-year bond will… Read More

Crowd for Angels Launches First Crowd Bonds for IFISA

Crowd for Angels announced on Wednesday it launched its first “crowd bonds,”  which are described as specially created secured, high-interest products that are eligible for its new Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA). Introduced by the government in April last year, the IFISA allows investors to earn… Read More

Crowdfunding on Crowd for Angels: Four New Companies List Securities

Investment crowdfunding platform Crowd for Angels has launched a “quartet” of new issuers on the site.  Tony De Nazareth, CEO and co-founder of Crowd for Angels, commented on the new offers;  “We are pleased to offer our investors the opportunity to get involved with these four… Read More

Brief: Crowd for Angels to use Payment Provider Paysafe

Crowd for Angels has partnered with Paysafe as its payment processing provider. Paysafe’s global payment processing capabilities and regulated acquiring business met Crowd for Angels’ requirements for managing money on the move quickly and securely. This collaboration marks the first payment partnership by Paysafe in the… Read More

UK’s Classic Car & Motorcycle Company The Tingle Factory Seeks £240,000 on Crowd For Angels

Last month, new classic car and motorcycle business, The Tingle Factory, launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowd For Angels to raise £240,000 to purchase stock. Once its website is launch, the company stated it would source and sell both cars and motorcycles. It will also… Read More

Crowd for Angels Debuts New Growth Funding Round

On Wednesday, investment crowdfunding platform Crowd of Angels announced the launch of its new growth funding round. The website is seeking a minimum of £196,000 (max £700,000) as it prepares to expand. Crowd for Angels reported it has helped to raise over £1.1 million for small growing companies… Read More

London’s Nirvana Brewery Seeks £135,000 on Crowd For Angels to Produce Alcohol-Free Craft Beers

London-based Nirvana Brewery has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Crowd for Angels with a mission to raise £135,000 for its new non-alcoholic beer line. While sharing details about its products, the company noted that non-alcoholic craft beers do not have to be as boring as the… Read More

Brief: Spundge Content Aggregation Tool Raises Capital on Crowd for Angels

If you are in the content creation space you know Spundge and may be a user.  Spundge is a software application that cruises the internet and returns relevant results based on user set criteria. You may then choose how to use the content based off… Read More

Brief: City A.M. Teams Up With Crowdnetic to Launch a Website Dedicated to UK Crowdfinance data

On Thursday (March 5th), media outlet City A.M. announced it has partnered with Crowdnetic to launch a new website, CityAmCrowdwatch, which is dedicated to UK crowd finance data. According to City A.M., CityAMCrowdwatch features information on private UK-based companies that are publicly raising capital online… Read More

Guide to Crypto Currency (Infographic)

So the team over at Crowd for Angels has cooked up an infographic explaining the intriguing realm of Crypto Currencies.  Unless you have been on the Moon for the past few years (and without the internet) you are well aware of Bitcoin and other competing… Read More

Crowd for Angels Lists Crypto Currency Offer on Crowdfunding Platform

Hybrid investment crowdfunding platform  Crowd of Angels has announced an opportunity to invest in a crypto-currency.  LXCCoin is described as the “worlds first asset based crypto-currency.  The company states it has “both 100% real asset value and inbuilt profitability”,  The expected annual rate of return is predicted to be 12%-15%.  LXCCoin… Read More

Crowd for Angels Launches Combo Debt and Equity Crowdfunding Platform

London-based Crowd for Angels, which is considered the first debt and equity crowdfunding platform to be directly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and provides funding for businesses at seed stage, launched on Tuesday morning. Created by entrepreneur Tony De Nazareth who has over… Read More

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