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First Quantum Computing Guidelines Introduced as Investment into Sector Increases, WEF Reports

National governments have reportedly invested more than $25 billion into quantum computing research and more than $1 billion in VC deals have closed in the past year – “more than the past three years combined,” according to an update shared by the World Economic Forum… Read More

Australia Trialling New “Smart Money” Blockchain System for Administering Disability Payouts- Privacy Protections Not Mentioned

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) of Australia’s Data 61 data research arm is trialling an app that uses blockchain to track and issue payments within the country’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). According to a CSIRO Data 61 press release, the trial… Read More

Aussie National Science Agency Claims Successful Trial of Fast “Red Belly Blockchain” on Amazon Cloud

Red Belly BLockchain Performance

Australia’s national science agency and researchers at the University of Sydney say a company they incubated, Red Belly Blockchain, has achieved 30 000 transactions per second on a global blockchain of 1000 nodes created using Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) global cloud infrastructure. The agency, CSIRO’s Data61,… Read More

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