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Ocean Protocol Teams Up with Dimitra: 100M Small Farmers to Benefit from Data Sharing, Monetization

Ocean Protocol, the “decentralized” data exchange protocol for unlocking data for AI and business innovation, has entered into a partnership with Dimitra, an agricultural technology firm guided by the goal to provide tech to help farmers across the globe with enhancing  operations while delivering greater… Read More

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) Devs Have Simplified How Multi-Network Works with a Unified Interface

The developers at Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), which allows software engineers to build marketplaces and other apps to privately and securely publish, exchange, and consume data, have revealed that Ocean now makes multi-network “even easier.” The Ocean Protocol developers reported that they’ve simplified multi-network on Ocean… Read More

Bosch, Ocean Protocol represented by BigchainDB, Fetch.ai Join Catena-X to Bring Expertise in Market, Mechanism, Token-based Incentive Design

Bosch, Ocean Protocol represented by BigchainDB, and Fetch.ai have all joined Catena-X, in order to bring their “collective expertise” in market, mechanism, and token-based incentive design Catena-X is described as an “agile” ecosystem with automotive industry stakeholders. All firms taking part in Catena-X are working… Read More

Singapore Develops Platform that Allows Residents to Consolidate their Financial Data

Singapore has introduced a data exchange platform that allows residents to consolidate their financial data which may be stored across several different databases belonging to various government agencies and banks. The data exchange solution has been developed by local government agencies, including the Monetary Authority… Read More

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