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Brief: Entrepreneur Ecosystem Gust Acquires Startup Accelerator Platform Fundacity

Gust, a global service provider powering the entrepreneurial ecosystem, has acquired Fundacity, which is considered one of the world’s most popular platforms powering startup accelerator programs. Fundacity reportedly supports over 100 accelerator programs serving users in 156 countries with a flexible solution for application creation, management, and cohort… Read More

David S. Rose On Crowdfunding, IP Protection & Execution

We recently stumbled upon a Quora answer from David S. Rose made in July of last year. One of the topics relevant to crowdfunding is IP protection. Crowdfunding is a very public endeavor, and exposing early-stage ideas to the crowd carries some risk of garnering… Read More

David S. Rose: Two Viable Equity Crowdfunding Models

David S. Rose is CEO of Gust, a service that aims to work with equity crowdfunding platforms in order to “help integrate them into the larger angel/venture Accredited Investor financing ecosystem.” He’s also very active on Quora, with over 9,500 followers and 1,800 answers. Rose… Read More

Bountysource to Crowdfund Open-Source Software

Bountysource, the first crowdfunding platform dedicated to supporting open-source software, has announced that it has raised a $1.1 million seed round. The total investment is a combination of contributions from Bountysource founder Warren Konkel, a longtime entrepreneur, and True Global Ventures, an investment firm comprised… Read More

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