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Gust Launch Starts with a Bang! Global Startup Ecosystem Adds Services to Help Entrepreneurs Launch New Companies

Gust Launch is a relatively new addition to the Gust portfolio of services for startups. Gust Launch is described as; “one platform to easily incorporate, start, and run your company like a seasoned entrepreneur—designed by experienced startup founders, investors, and lawyers to help you from… Read More

Victory: Gust Wins Crowdfunding Patent Infringement Case Against AlphaCap Ventures

Two Year Patent Troll Case Ends in Triumph as Gust Refuses to Settle in “Giant Win” for Crowdfunding Industry. Gust, the “world’s largest community of entrepreneurs and early-stage investors”, has won a huge victory in court that impacts the entire crowdfunding industry. Today Gust announced the… Read More

Gust to Offer Equity Management for Startups with Acquisition of Sharewave & Preferred Return

Global entrepreneurial ecosystem Gust has acquired Sharewave and Preferred Return in a push to provide affordable equity management solutions for early stage companies. The new product, named Gust Equity Management, will allow an affordable and “powerful cap table management and audit defensible 409A valuations” for young… Read More

Brief: Entrepreneur Ecosystem Gust Acquires Startup Accelerator Platform Fundacity

Gust, a global service provider powering the entrepreneurial ecosystem, has acquired Fundacity, which is considered one of the world’s most popular platforms powering startup accelerator programs. Fundacity reportedly supports over 100 accelerator programs serving users in 156 countries with a flexible solution for application creation, management, and cohort… Read More

SyndicateRoom & Gust Ink Strategic Partnership

Gust, a well-known startup funding ecosystem and SyndicateRoom, one of the leading equity crowdfunding platforms in the UK, have formed a partnership that will allow UK companies reach a far-wider audience of global angel investors. The collaboration is described as a new service to accelerate early stage… Read More

Gust Leads the Wind of Change in Connecting Entrepreneurs with Investors

For over a decade Gust, and its predecessor Angelsoft, has quietly been become one of, if not the, largest private investing platforms in the world. Gust is a SaaS platform that helps connect entrepreneurs with investors and other benefactors, in whatever form such investors take,… Read More

Whatever Happened to the Crowdfunding Patent Lawsuit?

Back in January of this year, Crowdfund Insider covered a patent lawsuit that sought to challenge many of the prominent US crowdfunding platforms in operation today.  This included both rewards/donations and investment crowdfunding platforms.  AlphaCap ventures, a company that has been described as a patent troll,… Read More

Re-Introduced Innovation Act May Stop Patent Trolls From Targeting Crowdfunding Startups

Venture Beat recently reported that on Thursday (February 5th), House Judiciary Chairman, Bob Goodlatte re-introduced the Innovative Act, which is considered a bipartisan bill that may stop “patent trolls” in their tracks. The Electronic Freedom Frontier describes a troll as; “A patent troll uses patents as legal… Read More

Details Emerge on Patent Lawsuit Against Multiple Crowdfunding Platforms

It was revealed earlier this week that a patent infringement lawsuit was filed against Indiegogo, CircleUp, GoFundMe, Kickstarter, Gust, RocketHub & Innovational Funding  by Alphacap Ventures LLC for a trial by jury in the Eastern District Court of Texas. Alphacap Ventures is based in California but… Read More

Equity Crowdfunding Site SeedInvest Forms Strategic Alliance with Gust

Partnership Expected to Create World’s Largest Angel Investor Base. SeedInvest, a leading equity crowdfunding platform, and Gust, a site where startups and investors connect, have formed a strategic partnership to leverage complimentary aspects of their services. Gust claims a user base that connects over 1000… Read More

Gust Files Patent on Crowdfunding

Gust, a global platform for the “sourcing and management of early stage investments – boasting 45,000 investors with relationships to over 200,000 startups, has filed a patent application on crowdfunding. To be specific Gust (previously known as Angelsoft) filed for: “System and Method for Crowdfunded Investment… Read More

David S. Rose On Crowdfunding, IP Protection & Execution

We recently stumbled upon a Quora answer from David S. Rose made in July of last year. One of the topics relevant to crowdfunding is IP protection. Crowdfunding is a very public endeavor, and exposing early-stage ideas to the crowd carries some risk of garnering… Read More

The Joy of Angel Investing: Three Reasons Why Accredited Investors Should Invest in Startups Today

Angel investing involves accredited investors (millionaires) investing directly in the private stock of early stage companies. Millionaires are rare—they make up 1.5% of the world and 4% of the US. As most entrepreneurs quickly learn, angels are very, very rare. Only 3% of all accredited… Read More

Crowdfunding Event in Paris to Discuss New Financing Model

Organized by  Loft Solutions, European Business Angel Network (EBAN) and the European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) , La finance participative or “crowdfunding” will be discussed by industry authorities at an event to be held at the Intercontinental, Paris on November 19th.  The gathering is specifically to… Read More

David S. Rose: Two Viable Equity Crowdfunding Models

David S. Rose is CEO of Gust, a service that aims to work with equity crowdfunding platforms in order to “help integrate them into the larger angel/venture Accredited Investor financing ecosystem.” He’s also very active on Quora, with over 9,500 followers and 1,800 answers. Rose… Read More

Gust CEO David S. Rose On The Crowdfunding Industry

There was a question recently posted to Quora seeking perspective on the interplay of regulation and the crowdfunding industry. Gust CEO David S. Rose offered an answer and it actually serves as a great primer on the crowdfunding industry as a whole. Read below… Read… Read More

Does crowdfunding have more sizzle than steak? – Part 2

Assessment of the impact of crowdfunding amongst those supplying funds starts with the identification of distinct groupings. Two are useful; individuals supplying their own funds – angels – and organizations using other people’s money – firms. The evidence thus far is that crowdfunding models are… Read More

Entrepreneurs Embrace The New Reality: No One Funds Ideas On Napkins

Q4 statistics from Gust, which powers a majority of the organized early stage financing world, show that entrepreneurs around the world have gotten the message: “products talk; Powerpoints walk”. In an economy with ever-decreasing startup costs for new companies, 91% of ventures seeking their initial… Read More

Jonathan Sandlund Interviews Gust CEO David Rose

From The Crowd Cafe’s Jonathan Sandlund… I had the opportunity to sit down with David Rose. Penned by Forbes as the “Father of Angel Investing in New York,” David is a serial entrepreneur and mentor, Chair of the New York Angels, and the CEO of… Read More

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