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Mambu CEO Eugene Danilkis Disrupts & Innovates P2P / Banking Tech: Focuses on Emerging Economies

Mambu, a cloud banking technology platform provider that works with more than 100 financial innovators worldwide, including Banco Macro, Opportunity International,  Mentors International, and Yale University, uniquely sits at the nexus of the transformation and financial inclusion markets, where new applications and the cloud’s agility… Read More

Crowdfunding is the wake-up call the banks need

Recent figures out indicate that bank lending for small businesses is at a particularly low ebb at present – in April, they tumbled by a staggering £700 million, which is startling, given they currently account for 85% of small business finance, writes James Day, social media… Read More

Crowdfunding’s Disruptive DNA: The Why, How and Who

Investment crowdfunding is going to disrupt and re-shape early stage capital markets. But not only for the reasons you’ve likely heard. There’s more to it. Crowdfunding is the product of not one, but two, strands of disruptive DNA. The first we’ll call technical disruption, the… Read More

The Disruptive Power of Equity Crowdfunding

Online marketplaces have already eliminated so much inefficiency in our world.  Dating (OK Cupid, Match.com), restaurant reservations (OpenTable), buying most physical goods (eBay) and countless other marketplaces serve both sides of the marketplaces (i.e. buyers and sellers) and provide value- typically making it more efficient… Read More

The Godfather of Disruptive Innovation and Crowdfunding

Clayton Christensen is a business thought leader who is standing on the shoulders of some of the great economists of our times.  Schumpeter, a Professor of  Economics at Harvard, focused on the importance of entrepreneurism to modern economics.  But it is Christensen who applied Schumpeters… Read More

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