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Australian Government Embraces Fintech, Seeks to “Prepare for the Financial System and Economy of the Future” (Document)

A growing number of governments are seeking to provide political might to support financial innovation.  While the UK may have trailblazed a path for the rest of the world, there is still time to catch up but without governmental acknowledgement it is pretty tough to… Read More

SEC: Report on Definition of Accredited Investor. Seeks Public Comments as Commission Reviews Rules

Dodd-Frank, the massive law passed in the midst of the Great Recession, touched many aspects of the financial industry.  One portion of the bill was a requirement to review the definition of an Accredited Investor “as it relates to natural persons” every four years.  The… Read More

Will the Innovative Finance ISA Allow Only a Few P2P Lenders to Participate?

  The draft regulations surrounding the forthcoming Innovative Finance Individual Savings Account was published earlier this week by the UK government. The much-anticipated vehicle is expected to add fuel to the peer to peer lending industry as it will open up the asset class to… Read More

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