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Digital Assets: Dollar Cost Averaging within Crypto-Asset Market has Shown Strategy Helps Manage Volatility – Report

Chess Strategy

Dollar cost averaging (DCA) has become a key strategy for investors navigating the “unpredictable realms” of digital assets, according to an update shared by Coin Metrics. Coin Metrics explains that this approach “involves regularly investing a fixed amount, regardless of the current market cycle—a simple… Read More

Kraken to Allow Digital Asset Investors to Enhance Crypto Portfolios with Recurring Buys

The team at Kraken says you can keep calm and HODL on, because recurring buys are now available on the Kraken app. This new feature lets you “schedule your crypto purchases quickly and easily, which saves you time and can help ease the stress of… Read More

Payments Company Square’s Cash App Now Lets Users Schedule Automatic Bitcoin (BTC) Purchases at Set Time Intervals

Payments company Square‘s (NYSE:SQ) Cash App now lets users schedule automatic Bitcoin (BTC) purchases at specific times, which includes daily, weekly, or bi-weekly options. Cash App’s new feature is called “Auto Invest,” and seems to be based on the concept of dollar-cost averaging, which involves… Read More

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