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Lawsuit against Crowdfunding Platforms Signals the Urgent Need for Patent Reform

Crowdfunding platforms just became the latest target for patent trolls – entities that purchase patents, not to produce any goods or services, but to threaten and file infringement suits and attempt to collect licensing fees. Take the case of AlphaCap Ventures, LLC, a company that… Read More

Perspective: Regulation A+ Could Serve as a Viable Capital Source for Small, Emerging Growth Companies

Entrepreneurs and investors may have to wait until 2016 for the true equity crowdfunding that the JOBS Act was meant to establish. But the SEC will likely soon finalize rules that open another funding avenue for small businesses. Regulation A+, an amended version of a… Read More

Alphaworks CEO Calls on SEC to Act & Finalize Title III Crowdfunding Rules

Alphaworks is part of the Betaworks family that is building really cool companies. Betaworks is a New York based entrepreneur factory that  claims Ken Lerer as Chairman and John Borthwick as Founder and CEO.  Lerner was one of the founders of HuffPo and lists a… Read More

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