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GIPHY Raised Capital on Quire. Now it is Valued at $300 Million

via GIPHY GIPHY, the company that is probably the source of all those cool GIFs you have been posting all over the internet, just closed a Series C funding round in the amount of $55 million.  This places the post-money valuation at a solid $300… Read More

Erin Glenn, CEO of Quire: We are Ready to Democratize Access to Private Company Investing

Equity Crowdfunding Platform Quire Prepares to Leverage New Title III Crowdfunding Rules Quire, originally operating under the name Alphaworks, is part of the Betaworks ecosystem.  Betaworks is a startup factory and seed stage VC company that is associated with some big VC names. Betaworks, founded… Read More

Alphaworks is Now Quire as Crowdfunding Platform Focuses on Community

Alphaworks, the equity crowdfunding sibling of Betaworks, has rebranded as Quire, launching a redesigned site adding new features for users. Alphaworks has launched several, highly curated, equity offers in past months. The platform allows the crowd to join alongside professional investors / VCs to invest… Read More

Alphaworks: Reg A+ Not the Home Run People Were Hoping For..

  Alphaworks, the crowdfunding offshoot of innovation factory betaworks, recently published a series of postings on Regulation A+: How it came to be and what they anticipate it to become going forward. Broken up into three different segments, the first part reviewed the origin and history surrounding… Read More

Giphy Opens to Investors on Alphaworks. Fully Funds in Hours

Not only do I get the chance to embed some really cool animated Gifs but I get to let you know that Giphy is open for investors right now.  Crowdfunding via Alphaworks, if this offer is like the other ones it will subscribe very quickly… Read More

Giphy is Raising $17 Million in Series B. Now Has $80 Million Valuation

Giphy did a Series A funding round last Spring raising $2.4 million plus a crowdfunded portion via Alphaworks in the amount of $100,000.  The crowdfunding portion was filled immediately.  Well Giphy is at it again and they are closing on a Series B that has… Read More

Alphaworks CEO Calls on SEC to Act & Finalize Title III Crowdfunding Rules

Alphaworks is part of the Betaworks family that is building really cool companies. Betaworks is a New York based entrepreneur factory that  claims Ken Lerer as Chairman and John Borthwick as Founder and CEO.  Lerner was one of the founders of HuffPo and lists a… Read More

Gimlet Media Is Next Offer on Alphaworks. Easily Funds Just Like the Others.

Alphaworks, the sister platform to well known NYC accelerator and “startup studio” Betaworks, recently launched their 4th equity crowdfunding campaign to the world.  Following in the footsteps of Giphy, Quibb and See|Me, Gimlet easily raised the $200,000 that was available for the public (accredited) investors…. Read More

Alphaworks Next Crowdfunding Offer Giphy Funds Immediately

You know all those crazy and cool animated GIFs you see just about everywhere.  Posted on discussion boards and blogs spanning the internet – from avatars to witty comments…  A picture is worth a thousand words –  a great animated GIF does it 10 times… Read More

Alphaworks Offers Up Next Investment Opportunity with Quibb

The Betaworks sponsored investment crowdfunding platform, Alphaworks, has announced their next investment opportunity with Quibb. Quibb is a platform for sharing industry news, insight, and conversation. We’ve gotten to know Sandi MacPherson, Quibb’s fearless founder, for over a year now and have watched her build… Read More

Betaworks Launches Alphaworks, Crowdfunds First Company See.Me in 48 Hours

“The Results Have Been Inspiring”. Betaworks,  a startup studio and seed stage funding group based in New York City, launched their own crowdfunding platform earlier this week.  Appropriately called Alphaworks (it’s a progression), this is a their funding platform with a mission to: “To empower… Read More

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