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Brief: Sandi Gilbert Notes SeedUps’ 2014 Highlights, Looks Ahead to 2015

SeedUps, one of Canada’s early equity crowdfunding platforms, was founded by Sandi Gilbert, a well known investment crowdfunding advocate and co-founder of the Equity Crowdfunding Alliance of Canada.  She is also COO of ECN Capital – a partner company of SeedUps. Today Gilbert summarized SeedUps’ activity since launching in mid-2014:… Read More

Equity Crowdfunding Alliance of Canada to Make Formal Announcement

The Equity Crowdfunding Alliance of Canada (ECFA Canada) is expected to make a formal announcement this coming Friday, February 28, 2014 regarding the formation of their group that will advocate on behalf of investment crowdfunding in Canada. ECFA Canada will be the voice of all… Read More

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