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Issuance Partners with Canadian Online Capital Raising Platform DealPoint

Issuance, a capital raising platform for investment crowdfunding, has partnered with DealPoint, a leading Canadian capital raising platform. DealPoint aims to improve upon the cross-border online investment process for issuers. According to Issuance, DealPoint provides similar technology to their service, which is offered in the… Read More

SeedUps Canada Changes Direction. Leave’s the Crowd Behind For Now

  Last week Crowdfund Insider interviewed Sandi Gilbert, CEO and co-founder of SeedUps Canada, on the convoluted regulatory environment established in Canada. The article was in part a follow-up to an earlier article that described the rule-making approach in Canada as Dead in the Water…. Read More

SeedUps CEO Sandi Gilbert on Canada Crowdfunding Regulations: “It’s a Mess”

  A few weeks back Crowdfund Insider published an article on the regulatory environment in Canada that labeled new crowdfunding securities exemptions as “Dead in the Water“.  In brief, regulators in multiple provinces have enacted rules that were ostensibly created to foster entrepreneurship and access… Read More

Brief: SeedUps Canada Launches “Be the Dragon” Tour

This week, SeedUps Canada, the first investment crowdfunding platform to set up shop in the country, announced that it is launching the “Be the Dragon” Tour. The website shared the event will be making stops in Vancouver and Calgary with a mission to attract companies to the… Read More

Sandi Gilbert of SeedUps Canada Discusses Equity Crowdfunding in Canada (Video)

Sandi Gilbert, co-founder and CEO of SeedUps Canada, the first investment crowdfunding platform to set up shop in the country, was interviewed by Du Plooy Law in Calgary.  Gilbert notes that other countries have pushed forward to advance crowdfunding but now Canadian regulators have finally… Read More

Alberta Securities Commission Proposes Crowdfunding Exemption for Startups

The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) and Nunavut Securities Office have published a new exemption for startups in the province.  The document is now open for a 60 day comment period. The ASC states; We have heard that in the case of some small, early-stage businesses… Read More

OfferingPoint Streamlines Private Placement Offers Online for Less

All aspects of finance are quickly moving online capitalizing on the intrinsic efficiencies of the internet. Reviewing and completing financial transactions, be they large or small, are far more easily managed in a single repository where documents may be housed and progress tracked.  OfferingPoint is… Read More

Part Two: Is Culture Killing Equity Crowdfunding in Canada?  

Causes and Lessons to be learned from more Developed Markets In this three-part series, we examine whether “conservative” Canadian business culture is having a negative effect on equity crowdfunding taking hold in Canada.  In Part I of this series we took a snapshot of equity… Read More

SeedUps Canada Jumps. Over 300 Companies Rush to Use Equity Crowdfunding Platform

The investment crowdfunding push is a global movement. In the US multiple platforms have cropped up to take advantage of the evolving regulatory environment regarding general solicitation.  Across the border in Canada things have moved a bit slowly.  But earlier this year Canada took a… Read More

Is Culture Killing Equity Crowdfunding in Canada?

  American culture is known for celebrating “winners.”  Canadians are known for being modest and risk averse.  Could this cultural difference explain why Canadian equity crowdfunding appears to be relatively underdeveloped so far?  We checked out the funds actually raised in 2015 and talked to some of Canada’s… Read More

SeedUps Canada is Self-Crowdfunding as Market Heats Up Around the World

SeedUps Canada, a leading equity crowdfunding platform operating out of Calgary, is joining a growing number of platforms that are leveraging their own technology to self-crowdfund their company. SeedUps is reaching out to their growing number of users, and beyond, to capitalize on their first… Read More

Canada: There’s a New Way for Companies to Raise Capital from the Crowd

Six Canadian provinces jumped into the equity crowdfunding space in a big way on May 14, 2015. British Columbia, Saskatchewan,  Quebec, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia announced a new prospectus exemption for early stage companies to raise capital. When I first read the press release,… Read More

Brief: Sandi Gilbert Notes SeedUps’ 2014 Highlights, Looks Ahead to 2015

SeedUps, one of Canada’s early equity crowdfunding platforms, was founded by Sandi Gilbert, a well known investment crowdfunding advocate and co-founder of the Equity Crowdfunding Alliance of Canada.  She is also COO of ECN Capital – a partner company of SeedUps. Today Gilbert summarized SeedUps’ activity since launching in mid-2014:… Read More

Perspective from Canada: SeedUps Shares Insight on Early Traction

SeedUps, one of the early equity crowdfunding platforms to set up shop in Canada, has recently published some interesting insight into its first few months of operation. Seedups was founded in 2014 by Sandi Gilbert, a well known investment crowdfunding advocate and co-founder of the… Read More

Equity Crowdfunding Alliance of Canada Hosts Standing Room Only Event

As part of a scheduled series of cross country events designed to spread the gospel of crowdfunding, the Equity Crowdfunding Alliance of Canada (ECFA Canada) hosted their inaugural conference in the financial district of Toronto to a packed crowd.  Tickets quickly sold out for the… Read More

Equity Crowdfunding Leaders Announce New Alliance in Canada

United in the common purposes of promoting Equity Crowdfunding in Canada. Today, a group of companies and individuals dedicated to the developing Equity Crowdfunding industry in Canada, announced that they have come together by establishing the Equity Crowdfunding Alliance of Canada (ECFA Canada), Canada’s first… Read More

Angel Investors Can’t Sit on Crowdfunding Sidelines

The biggest mistake Canadian angel investors could make if and when equity crowdfunding is made more widely available in Canada “is to sit on the sidelines and do nothing and let crowdfunding pass them by,” says one of this country’s leading legal experts on the… Read More

Crowd Capital, SeedUps Set to Launch Equity Crowdfunding in Canada

SeedUps Canada to Capture First Mover Advantage in the Canadian Crowdfunding Market Canada based Crowd Capital has signed an agreement with SeedUps to launch an investment crowdfunding platform where ordinary investors may invest in listed companies.  As part of the new agreement, the company will… Read More

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