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Online Investment Platform for Corporate Bonds – WiseAlpha, Announces Collaboration with Titan Wealth

WiseAlpha, a unique online investment platform providing individual investors with access to corporate bonds, has announced a partnership with Titan Wealth. WiseAlpha, based in the UK, enables fractional investments in corporate bonds. The platform holds a mission of democratizing the corporate bond market with its… Read More

UK’s WiseAlpha, a Digital Bond Market, Teams Up with Fintech Fortu Wealth

WiseAlpha, the United Kingdom’s digital bond market platform, is pleased to confirm its strategic partnership with UK-headquartered Fintech firm, Fortu Wealth. This collaboration marks another key milestone for the Fintech companies, both planning to offer a smart financial solution to private banking customers. As noted… Read More

WiseAlpha Adds Green Bonds to Platform

WiseAlpha, a corporate bond trading platform providing access to smaller investors, says it has added green bonds to its marketplace for the first time. The initial bonds are from AMP Clean Energy and Canary Wharf Group. The company said its decision to list green bonds… Read More

WiseAlpha Launches Bond Academy on Open University

WiseAlpha, a digital bond investing platform, shares that its Bond Academy education platform has launched on the Open University. Regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, WiseAlpha is an online investment platform that makes corporate bonds available to private investors at affordable sizes, via its… Read More

WiseAlpha Looks to Boost Growth, Adds Money Dashboard Integration

WiseAlpha, a digital bond investment marketplace, will now integrate with Money Dashboard enabling users to track all of their investments including savings, financial accounts as well as bond investments. The WiseAlpha marketplace now integrates its fractional bonds with the service. WiseAlpha seeks to boost utilization… Read More

#FWD: Digital Bond Marketplace WiseAlpha Asks Financial Community to Put Financial Wellness on the Agenda

WiseAlpha, a Fintech that operates a digital bond marketplace, has announced a new social media campaign to put financial wellness on the agenda. With the rapid spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), money anxiety is at an all-time high. WiseAlpha is “throwing down the gauntlet” demanding… Read More

Digital Banking: Starling Bank Recognized as Best British Bank, Other Fintechs Receive Awards

Starling Bank, a digital-only bank, has been voted ‘Best British Bank’ for a third consecutive year at the British Bank Awards. Other Fintechs were on the list too. Revolut, another digital bank, was recognized as the “Innovation of the Year.” Monzo was noted as offering… Read More

Fintech WiseAlpha Receives CPD Accreditation for Bond Academy

WiseAlpha, a marketplace for corporate bonds, is reporting Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certification for its Bond Academy. In December, WiseAlpha announced the Bond Academy – an entity that will be directed by independent expert instructor, George Flynn from Europeanhighyield.online. WiseAlpha is regulated by the UK… Read More

WiseAlpha Looks to Educate Investors with New Bond Academy

WiseAlpha, an interesting Fintech that offers an online marketplace for corporate bonds, is looking to boost investor interest by offering a new “bond academy” to educate investors about the corporate bond market. WiseAlpha is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and has sought to… Read More

Update: WiseAlpha’s Crowdfunding Round Nears 2.7 Million During the Final Days on Crowdcube.

UK online lending platform WiseAlpha is set to close its latest equity crowdfunding round on Crowdcube with nearly £2.6 million in funding. The round has attracted more than 1460 investors. As previously reported, WiseAlpha aims to give retail investors and corporates access to senior secured and high yield bond… Read More

Update: WiseAlpha Surpasses £2 Million Through Latest Crowdcube Funding Round

Less than two weeks after launching its latest equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, UK online lending platform WiseAlpha has now surpassed £2 million from more than 980 investors. The funding round quickly secured its initial £1 million.  As previously reported, WiseAlpha’s online lending platform aims to give retail investors… Read More

Overfunding: WiseAlpha Quickly Surpasses £1 Million Funding Target Through Latest Crowdcube Round

Just a little over a year after securing more than £1.2 million through its second equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, UK online lending platform WiseAlpha has returned to the funding portal and quickly surpassed its initial £1 million funding target. The round is now nearing… Read More

WiseAlpha Founder & CEO Rezaah Ahmad Comments on Successful Crowdcube Round

“I’m both thrilled and unsurprised that they have overfunded on their original target. Fintech is in rude health and continues to be unperturbed by Brexit,” stated Crowdcube Co-Founder & CMO Luke Lang. WiseAlpha, a UK first online lending platform that gives investors access to high yield… Read More

WiseAlpha Set to Complete Crowdcube Round With More Than £1.1 Million in Funding

WiseAlpha, a UK online lending platform that gives everyday investors access to high yield institutional bond and loan investments, is set to close its equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube with more than £1.1 million secured from nearly 1,000 investors. As previously reported, WiseAlpha’s online lending platform aims… Read More

High Yield: WiseAlpha Nears £1M on Crowdcube Campaign

WiseAlpha, a UK online lending platform that gives everyday investors access to high yield institutional bond and loan investments, has raised over £909K on its Crowdcube, 180% over its original target, with days remaining. Originally offering 8.92% equity, WiseAlpha has taken it up a notch, offering 12.43%.  The… Read More

Defying Brexit Gloom: UK Online Lender WiseAlpha Exceeds £627K During Second Crowdcube Run

WiseAlpha, a UK online lending platform that gives everyday investors access to high yield institutional bond and loan investments, has raised over £627,000 on its Crowdcube return in just 7 days, coming in at 125% over its original target. More than 433 investors have invested in return… Read More

wiseAlpha Delivers Senior Secured Corporate Bonds to Retail Investors

wiseAlpha, the Fintech firm that provides access to senior secured corporate debt to retail investors, is now introducing senior secured bonds from established UK brands on its platform. Any investor may now participate in assets that generate between 5% to 8% in a relatively low-risk… Read More

wiseAlpha, a Marketplace for Secured Corporate Loans, Raises £594,000 on Crowdcube

wiseAlpha, a marketplace where both small and large investors may access secured corporate loans, has closed its crowdfunding round on Crowdcube.  Over 400 investors came together to purchase £594,950 or a 9.79% equity stake in the startup. WiseAlpha will be using the new capital to grow… Read More

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