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Nubank Begins Testing with Generative AI to Enhance CX with Credit

Nubank (NYSE:NU) is starting to test this week a new solution that applies generative artificial intelligence as a virtual assistant to further enhance customer service. In this initial stage, the AI solution will “focus on presenting personalized possibilities related to credit granting within the Nubank… Read More

Paris based Mistral AI Introduces Generative Artificial Intelligence Model to Compete with OpenAI

France-based Mistral AI recently revealed its first generative artificial intelligence (AI) model in order to compete with US rivals in AI (which includes Meta Platforms Inc. and Microsoft Corportation-supported OpenAI). The Paris-headquartered firm is introducing a small-scale language model with around 7 billion parameters which… Read More

Monetary Authority of Singapore Partners with Google on AI

Singapore securities regulator, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), has announced a partnership with Google [Alphabet] (NASDAQ:GOOG). According to a statement by MAS, the regulatory will work with Google Cloud to collaborate on generative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to advance the development and use of responsible… Read More

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