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Eltropy, Magnifi Financial Partner on AI Service

Magnifi Financial and Eltropy have announced a partnership regarding artificial intelligence (AI). Magnify is a $2.2 billion credit union in central Minnesota. Eltropy is a digital conversation platform for financial institutions. The new AI solution is designed to improve upon the traditional support and employee training… Read More

Paris based Mistral AI Introduces Generative Artificial Intelligence Model to Compete with OpenAI

France-based Mistral AI recently revealed its first generative artificial intelligence (AI) model in order to compete with US rivals in AI (which includes Meta Platforms Inc. and Microsoft Corportation-supported OpenAI). The Paris-headquartered firm is introducing a small-scale language model with around 7 billion parameters which… Read More

ChatGPT Maker OpenAI said to be in talks to offer shares to investors

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, is considering selling existing shares at a much higher valuation to investors, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. The report said the deal could value OpenAI, which is backed by Microsoft, at between $80 billion and $90… Read More

Fintech Klarna Claims it’s the Only Bank Among ChatGPT Enterprise Launch Clients

Klarna, the AI-powered payments network and shopping assistant, claims it has “taken the lead” in AI adoption as reportedly “one of the first early leaders deploying ChatGPT Enterprise, which brings the power of AI to all Klarna employees with beefed -up security, higher-speed and advanced… Read More

Retail Investors Are Using ChatGPT-style AI to Help Manage Investments, Research Reveals

One in ten (11%) retail investors are using artificial intelligence (AI) tools “such as ChatGPT to help pick and alter investments in their portfolio,” according to data from the latest Retail Investor Beat from trading and investment platform eToro. The study of 10,000 retail investors… Read More

France’s Privacy Watchdog Says Legality of Worldcoin’s Biometric Data Collection Process Is Questionable

France’s privacy-focused watchdog CNIL stated on Friday (July 28, 2023) that it is well aware of ChatGPT-founder Sam Altman‘s Worldcoin initiative and that the legality of its biometric data collection process appears to “questionable.” Worldcoin, which was officially introduced on Monday, requires clients to offer… Read More

Investors Foresee a Future Where ChatGPT Provides Solid Financial Advice: Survey

The news cycle is consumed with the debate about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it is going to transform the world. AI, machine learning has been integrated into various Fintech platforms for years now but the rise of ChatGPT has drawn more interest and scrutiny…. Read More

Artificial Intelligence: UNESCO Mobilizes Education Ministers for a Co-ordinated Response to ChatGPT

In response to the rapid emergence of new and powerful generative AI tools, on Thursday, UNESCO held the first global meeting of Ministers of Education “to explore the immediate as well as far-reaching opportunities, challenges and risks that AI applications pose to education systems.” Over… Read More

Artificial Intelligence: MDOTM, the Provider of AI-Powered Investment Solutions, Announces ChatGPT-enabled Features

MDOTM Ltd, the global provider of AI-driven investment solutions for financial institutions, announces new ChatGPT-powered features in Sphere, its investment platform for institutional investors. The custom integration with ChatGPT APIs will “leverage Sphere’s proprietary insights and explainability data to generate bespoke portfolio commentaries.” These new… Read More

Wealthtech: Orion Advisor Technology Live with ChatGPT Integration

Orion Advisor Solutions, the provider of transformative wealthtech solutions designed to power advisors and win for investors, went live with a ChatGPT-3.5 series integration with Redtail Speak, the compliant, real-time communication platform for financial advisors offered through Redtail Technology. First mentioned in February at Orion’s… Read More

Fintech Klarna Offers New AI Powered Shopping Feed, More Features Designed to Boost Business

Digital bank / Fintech Klarna aims to make its platform a global shopping destination for 150 million consumers. Klarna hopes to enable its 500,000 retailers to benefit from its new personalized shopping feed powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The Klarna app’s discovery shopping feed, powered… Read More

Nvidia CEO Says Crypto Doesn’t Contribute Anything “Useful” to Society

Nvidia’s (NASDAQ:NVDA) management has recently stated that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) don’t bring anything “useful” for society. This, despite the firm’s powerful processors selling in massive quantities to the nascent crypto industry. Michael Kagan, Nvidia’s CTO, noted that other popular uses of… Read More

AI Adoption: Financial Infrastructure Firm Stripe to Help Monetize OpenAI’s Products, Enhance Fintech Platform with GPT-4

Stripe, a financial infrastructure platform for businesses, announced OpenAI has chosen Stripe to power payments as it “moves to commercialize its groundbreaking ChatGPT and DALL·E generative AI technologies.” Stripe is also “incorporating OpenAI’s new natural language technology, GPT-4, into its products and services.” Peter Welinder,… Read More

ChatGPT: Should I Invest in Private Securities?

I had to ask. Interest in artificial intelligence (AI) is booming right now. It has been a hot sector of tech for years, but the rise of ChatGPT has given it a boost as the consumer application is freely available to answer just about any… Read More

Beerud Sheth, CEO of Gupshup, Comments on Developments Related to Digital Commerce, Conversational AI, ChatGPT

ChatGPT—the recently launched language processing AI model developed by OpenAI—has been “wowing users with its uncanny abilities to hold conversations, write essays, and even program computers,” according to an update shared with CI. However, the real value of conversational AI for digital commerce companies “lies… Read More

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