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List: 20 Notable Niche Crowdfunding Sites

We’ve put together a list of 20 niche crowdfunding sites we’ve covered on Crowdfund Insider recently. Many of these sites cater to specific interests and geographic areas, and many have unique ways of helping crowdfunders raise funds.  Angeldorm allows individuals to receive donations for college funds. Money… Read More

Amazon Payments Reinstates Service To GetGayFunded.com

Last month it was brought to our attention that Amazon Payments had stopped completing transactions on behalf of crowdfunding platform GetGayFunded.com. According to CEO Adam Kotkin, Amazon has now reinstated service. He has just sent the following letter: GetGayFunded’s relationship with Amazon Payments has been… Read More

Amazon Payments Stops Service to GetGayFunded.com

Amazon Payments, a payment gateway used by Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms,  has revoked service for GetGayFunded.com, putting existing project funding in jeopardy and forcing founder Adam Kotkin to scramble to find an alternative. Kotkin has now launched an Indiegogo campaign seeking up to $25,000… Read More

GetGayFunded Brings Crowdfunding for the LGBT Community

Apps Genius Corp  today announced the launch of GetGayFunded.com, its second crowdfunding site using its proprietary crowdfunding platform. This follows the release of GetFunded.com, a crowdfunding site for the health and welfare of animals. GetGayFunded.com is specifically designed to meet the unique crowdfunding needs of… Read More

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