List: 20 Notable Niche Crowdfunding Sites

We’ve put together a list of 20 niche crowdfunding sites we’ve covered on Crowdfund Insider recently. Many of these sites cater to specific interests and geographic areas, and many have unique ways of helping crowdfunders raise funds.

    •  Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 1.54.16 AMAngeldorm allows individuals to receive donations for college funds. Money can go towards anything from books and supplies to tuition. Angeldorm can also be used for birthdays, graduations, weddings and more.
    • appsplit-logo-redAppsplit is a crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platform for mobile and tablet apps. Sell an app, raise funds to create a new app or find developers to help make your dream app a reality.
  •  catincan-290x163Catincan allows you to fund new features in your favorite open-source project. Catincan provides a platform that open-source developers can use to be compensated for their time spent developing features.
  •  CarbonStoryCarbonStory allows funders to neutralize their carbon footprints by purchasing “carbon credits” that offset their day-to-day carbon output. CarbonStory even provides a calculator to help users find out how much CO2 they have to offset.
  •  CatapooltCatapooolt is a crowdfunding site based in India that specializes in music, movies and performing arts.
  •  Crowd SupplyCrowdSupply is a store and a crowdfunding platform and specializes in product design and manufacturing. CrowdSupply helps product designers facilitate pre-orders.
  •  ExplorationFunderExplorationFunder is an equity platform that specializes in early-stage natural resource exploration companies. All listings on ExplorationFunder are prescreened prior to being allowed on their platform.
  •  Faithlauncher 2FaithLauncher is a social crowdfunding site for Christian inspired projects. FaithLauncher also offers coaching and marketing help to projects that list on their platform.
  •  getgayfundedGetGayFunded is a crowdfunding site that caters to the LGBT community. Anyone can list a project or cause they believe in and accept contributions.
  •  Kiva  Kiva is a no-interest microloan web site for social and charitable causes. Over $400 million has been loaned through the Kiva platform since it launched, and 99% of loans are repaid.
  •  mosaic Mosaic allows investors to build a portfolio of deals in the solar energy space. Investors are then paid back with interest over time.
  •  Microryza Microryza focuses on the scientific research space. Contributors can pledge money directly to scientific research projects and get a journal of the results in return with their name in the credits.
  •  pavePave provides an innovative spin on funding for the advancement of one’s career. Individuals receive a one-time payment from a backer and commit to sharing a small percentage of their future earnings with the backer.
  •  PledgeMusicPledgeMusic is a UK-based crowdfunding platform focused on the music industry. It facilitates direct pledges from fans to musicians in exchange for future returns, usually in the form of an album or merchandise.
  •  power2givePower2Give is a crowdfunding platform supported by a Broward County, Florida 501(c)(3) organization focused on economic development and cultural vitality in the Broward area.
  •  RazooRazoo is a charity-focused crowdfunding site that boasts low overhead (2.9% fees) so more of the contributors’ funds go toward the causes they seek to support. Users can search through over 1 million supported nonprofits on the Razoo platform.
  •  REALTY MOGUL, CO.Realty Mogul allows eligible investors the opportunity to invest in pre-vetted real estate investments online with as little as $5,000 to start.
  •  Seed&SparkSeed&Spark is a crowdfunding site built by filmmakers with the goal of making fundraising for filmmakers easier. Seed&Spark also boasts an impressive knowledge base for anyone looking to launch a crowdfunding campaign for a creative project.
  •  SpacehiveSpacehive is a locally-focused platform that focuses on smaller community projects. Based in the UK, Spacehive is used by communities to crowdfunding things like civic spaces, green spaces and community initiatives.
  •  WefunderWefunder is a niche site that is gearing up to focus on UK startups. Investors can sign up to pre-pledge now. To date over 13,000 investors have shown interest in investing over $41 million in UK businesses.
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