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Brief: CEO of Logbar Addresses Critics of Kickstarter-Success Ring Wearable Tech (Video)

Clearing the air of any confusion and accusations, CEO of San Carlos-based Logbar, Takuro Yoshida, addressed the issues that backers of Kickstarter-success Ring Wearable Tech through a new YouTube video. Previously, Yoshida revealed his thought about the comments that Gizmodo had made about the ring. The website, which… Read More

Brief: Sony Hits Crowdfunding Platform Makuake to Raise Funds For New Smart Lock

Seeking to bring a new type of lock to the market, electronic giant Sony has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Japan-based platform Makuake for the Qrio Smart Lock. According Gizmodo, the lock is described as the smallest of its kind and is considered a retofittable… Read More

CEO of Logbar Responds to Criticism Towards Kickstarter-Success Ring Wearable Tech

Earlier this year, San Carlos, California based Logbar launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise only $250,000 for its product, Ring Wearable Tech. During its time on the global platform, the accessory quickly surpassed its initial goal and scored $880,998 from 5,161 backers. As previously reported, Ring allows the… Read More

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