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Westinghouse Security Hits Indiegogo to Raise $50,000 For “Nucli” Smart Deadbolt

On Tuesday, Westinghouse Security announced the release of its brand new smart deadbolt, Nucli. Exclusively available through a crowdfunding campaign Indiegogo, Nucli gives homeowners and business owners the ability to see who is at the door and interact with them from wherever they may be, home or… Read More

Update: Smart Lock Sesame Continues to Find Success on Kickstarter; Captures Over $500,000 in Less Than Two Weeks

Stanford student, Jerming Gu, and his smart lock project, Sesame, have raised nearly $500,000 dollars after only a little over a week on crowdfunding giant, Kickstarter. Gu, founder of CANDY HOUSE Inc., is a mechanical engineering master candidate from Stanford University. Originall from Taiwan, he is a someone who… Read More

Chilean Engineering Students Seeks Funding Through Indiegogo For Bike Lock Yerka

Bike thieves beware, the “unstealable bike” Yerka project is officially going from prototype into production with the help of its official Indiegogo campaign, which launched today. After receiving millions of views on YouTube for a video showcasing the Yerka and receiving more than 10,000 emails from… Read More

Founder of Nashville Smart Lock Startup Haven Reveals How Failing on Kickstarter Didn’t Stop It From Finding Funds

Last September, Nashville-based Haven launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $150,000 for its smart lock system. The self-titled device is described as a new smart lock that is anchored at the strongest point of the entryway, inside at the base of the door, preventing… Read More

Brief: Sony Hits Crowdfunding Platform Makuake to Raise Funds For New Smart Lock

Seeking to bring a new type of lock to the market, electronic giant Sony has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Japan-based platform Makuake for the Qrio Smart Lock. According Gizmodo, the lock is described as the smallest of its kind and is considered a retofittable… Read More

Bluetooth Padlock Noke Raises Over Half Its $100,000 Goal During First Day On Kickstarter

Just a few hours after its crowdfunding debut on Kickstarter, FŪZ Designs‘ Noke has raised over $64,500 from 660 backers. The device is described as the “world’s first” Bluetooth padlock that will keep your possessions easily and safely secured without any worries. Stating the importance of this new… Read More

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