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Brief: CEO of Logbar Addresses Critics of Kickstarter-Success Ring Wearable Tech (Video)

Clearing the air of any confusion and accusations, CEO of San Carlos-based Logbar, Takuro Yoshida, addressed the issues that backers of Kickstarter-success Ring Wearable Tech through a new YouTube video. Previously, Yoshida revealed his thought about the comments that Gizmodo had made about the ring. The website, which… Read More

CEO of Logbar Responds to Criticism Towards Kickstarter-Success Ring Wearable Tech

Earlier this year, San Carlos, California based Logbar launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise only $250,000 for its product, Ring Wearable Tech. During its time on the global platform, the accessory quickly surpassed its initial goal and scored $880,998 from 5,161 backers. As previously reported, Ring allows the… Read More

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