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Inside Crowdfunding Ep. 3 Preview: The Biggest Kickstarter Campaign Of 2014

It isn’t every day you get to interview a crowdfunding campaign creator that is currently sitting on top of a $2 million raise with over a month to go, but that is what Alon Goren and myself will be doing Monday, February 24th at 2:00… Read More

Brief: TubeStart To Host Google Hangout For YouTube Crowdfunders

Tomorrow YouTube content creator crowdfunding platform TubeStart will begin a new weekly tradition by holding a Google Hangout. It’s called the “Weekly Crowdfunding Crash Course for YouTube Creators,” which tells you just about all you need to know. If you’re on YouTube and you’re interested… Read More

Announcing “Inside Crowdfunding,” A Live Weekly Google Hangout

When Invested.in co-founder Alon Goren approached me a while back with an idea to launch a periodic live show about crowdfunding, I was really excited about it. Now I can announce that we’ve completed episode one. We’re calling it Inside Crowdfunding, and we’ll be holding a… Read More

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