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Inside Crowdfunding Ep. 5: Crowdfunding Strategy Session With Richard Bliss

In this past week’s episode of Inside Crowdfunding, Alon and I sat down with Richard Bliss of the Funding The Dream podcast. What ensued was almost an hour of fascinating input from Richard on rewards-based crowdfunding strategy, platforms, campaigns and the hustle it takes to… Read More

WATCH: Inside Crowdfunding Ep. 4 – Nick Meehan On Crowdfunding Lobbyists, An Exit For FundersClub, A New Michigan Bill, More

Hey, this week we got through a whole episode of Inside Crowdfunding without any major glitches! Success! Alon and I had a great conversation with Nick Meehan of The Lobby. Nick’s project piqued our interest after he was profiled in a piece for Vice. It’s… Read More

Inside Crowdfunding Ep. 4 Preview: Crowdfunding Lobbyists On Capitol Hill

After covering Nick Meehan’s crazy idea to crowdfund lobbyists in the United States, I knew I wanted to have him on Inside Crowdfunding. Well, he’s agreed to be our guest this week, so click here to go RSVP for the live Google Hangout and come… Read More

Inside Crowdfunding Ep. 3 Preview: The Biggest Kickstarter Campaign Of 2014

It isn’t every day you get to interview a crowdfunding campaign creator that is currently sitting on top of a $2 million raise with over a month to go, but that is what Alon Goren and myself will be doing Monday, February 24th at 2:00… Read More

Inside Crowdfunding Ep. 2: Boost.vc’s Adam Draper Talks Bitcoin, Accelerators & Crowdfunding

On this week’s episode of Inside Crowdfunding, we talk to Adam Draper of Boost.vc about his accelerator and the culture around accelerators in general. He shares some information about the cool stuff coming out of the companies in his portfolio. Of course, Draper is also bullish on… Read More

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