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US Department of Treasury Sanctions Crypto Exchanges, Operators that are Said to Aid Hamas

The US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has imposed a fifth round of sanctions on Hamas since the October 7 terrorist attack on Israel. According to OFAC, the sanctions have targeted Hamas-affiliated financial exchanges in Gaza, their owners and associates,… Read More

FinCEN Issues Statement on Funding of Terrorist Hamas Group, Tells Financial Firms to be On Alert

FinCEN has issued a statement on funding of the terrorist Hamas group following the atrocities the group perpetrated in Israel. FinCEN urged financial services firms to be vigilant in any activity that may be used to fund Hamas. This is inclusive of virtual asset service… Read More

Authorities in Israel Freeze Crypto Accounts Affiliated with Hamas: Report

National Headquarters for Economic Combating Terrorism (EMT) of the Ministry of Defense, the Shin Bet, and Israel police have frozen accounts affiliated with Hamas in partnership with Binance, according to a report by Calcalist. The report states: “With the outbreak of the war, Hamas launched… Read More

Oil Prices Surge After Hamas’ Attack on Israel, Events Expected to Negatively Impact Financial Markets, Analyst Says

Oil prices surged by 5% following Hamas’ unexpected attack on Israel over the weekend, but investors need to avoid “knee-jerk reactions,” warns the CEO of an independent financial advisory, asset management and fintech organization. The warning from Nigel Green of deVere Group comes “as global… Read More

Bitcoin and other Crypto Addresses Associated with Hamas Donation Campaigns Now Seized by Israeli Government: Report

Israel’s National Bureau for Counter Terror Financing (NBCTF) has shared information on the “seizure” of virtual currency held by several different crypto wallets that are believed to be associated with donation campaigns “carried out by Hamas.” As noted in a report from Chainalysis, the seizure… Read More

Hamas Sophisticating Its Bitcoin Donations System

Israeli civic-defence groups have been sounding the alarm since January that the militant Palestinian-liberation organization Hamas has started raising funds via Bitcoin. And while donations of Bitcoins to Hamas so far pale in comparison to the millions of dollars Hamas is believed to receive from… Read More

Hamas Continuing to Seek Cryptocurrency Donations

Despite raising only a few thousand dollars in bitcoins thus far, Hamas, a militant organization that has fought for years to restore Palestine, is continuing to encourage supporters to make donations using cryptocurrencies, Forbes reports. Israeli press outlets initially sounded the alarm about Hamas crypto… Read More

Israeli NGO Threatens to Sue Coinbase for Hosting Hamas Crypto Account

A civil rights organization in Israel has reportedly written to American crypto exchange Coinbase to advise them that, “…knowingly providing material support or resources to Hamas is a violation of US federal criminal law…” The Jerusalem Post reports. The Israeli newspaper Globes reported last week that an Isreali… Read More

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