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Regtech: Law Firm Taylor Rose MW Chooses Onfido to Enable Automated Identity Verification

A “top 60” law firm chooses Onfido to enable automated identity verification, reducing client verification time from days to minutes. Onfido, the global leader in automated identity verification, announced a partnership with Taylor Rose MW, a top 60 independent law firm, “to provide automated and… Read More

Regtech Trulioo Introduces Global Person Match Services to Enhance Identity Verification Platform

Trulioo, a global identity verification platform, announced new Workflow Studio capabilities to accelerate person matching worldwide. Trulioo provides an alternative “to the complex array of vendors that companies often depend on to ensure reliable person matching through personally identifiable information (PII) and identity documents.” The… Read More

Web3, Regtech: 0xKYC, Onfido to Provide Fraud Protection Protocols on Blockchain Platforms, Metaverse

Onfido, which claims to be the global leader in automated digital identity verification, today announced that they have partnered with 0xKYC, an innovative startup bringing zero-knowledge proof identity solutions to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). 0xKYC, which is currently in its seed round of investment, is… Read More

Regtech: Magic Selects Onfido to Automate KYC for Marketplace with AI-powered ID Verification

Onfido, which claims to be the global leader in automated identity verification, today announced a partnership with Magic, an innovative Know Your Customer (KYC) marketplace company, to provide document and biometric verification to streamline KYC processes and help mitigate fraud. Magic is building “Sign-up with… Read More

Digital Identity: Socure Challenges Government Agencies to Test ID Verification Solution Against Legacy Approaches

Socure, the provider of digital identity verification and fraud solutions, launched “The Socure Identity Challenge” to advance accurate and equitable digital identity verification in government. Federal, state and local government agencies are invited “to take the challenge and learn how new approaches to digital identity… Read More

Checkout.com Introduces Identity Verification, a Video-based AI Solution that Verifies Clients

Checkout.com, the global payments solution provider, launches Identity Verification, its first product focused on improving the customer onboarding and identity verification process and expanding Checkout.com’s impact on customers’ digital experience. Identity Verification “utilizes proprietary artificial intelligence and is trained on billions of identity and facial… Read More

ID Verification Firm Veriff Achieves UK Government Digital Identity, Attributes Trust Framework Certification

Veriff, a global identity verification provider, today announced it has achieved certification against the UK government’s Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework (UKDIATF), a government initiative aimed at “establishing a secure and trustworthy digital identity ecosystem in the region as a part of its digital… Read More

Digital Identity: Taktikal, Veriff to Support ID Verification for Digital Signatures

Veriff, a global identity verification provider, today announced a partnership with Taktikal, a leading e-signature software suite, to provide enhanced identity verification capabilities for their customers on a global scale. With this partnership, Veriff adds “an extra layer of safety and security to Taktikal’s automated… Read More

Vouched, an AI-Powered Digital Identity Platform, to Provide ID Verification Services to Support Refugees

Vouched, an AI-driven identity verification platform, announced it will provide identity verification services in support of the launch of FreedomID, a platform designed “to support refugees in their safe passage and settlement anywhere in the world, formed by UK tech company Zenoo.” Vouched expects to… Read More

Digital Identity: Onfido Achieves New Certification for High Assurance, Interoperability, Security in ID Verification

Onfido, the automated identity verification provider, announced it has achieved ETSI TS 119 461 certification, the latest European technical standards for identity proofing and trust services by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). This allows Onfido to “act as an Identity Proofing Service Provider (IPSP)… Read More

Plaid Introduces Identity Verification Experience, Allowing Clients to Accelerate Verifications Across Apps

Plaid is introducing an all-new identity verification experience that allows consumers to fast track verifications across Plaid-powered apps and services. Just as commerce providers have delivered on the promise of “one-click” checkout, Plaid claims it is “creating the standard for a ‘verify once, verify everywhere’… Read More

AI-Enhanced Digital Identity Platform Veridas Expands Age Verification Solution, Enabling Compliance with Enhanced UX

Veridas, a global provider of AI-driven identity verification solutions, is pleased to announce the expansion of its Age Verification product. Designed to help businesses meet stringent age verification regulations, this solution combines biometric verification and artificial intelligence “to deliver accurate and efficient age verification services.”… Read More

Digital Identity: Veriff, Inverid to Expand ID Verification Capabilities

Veriff, a global identity verification provider, announced at Money 20/20 Europe its partnership with Inverid, the first Near Field Communication (NFC)-based mobile identity verification technology, in order “to bolster the company’s existing identity verification offerings.” Inverid’s ReadID’s identity verification solution “verifies identities through government-issued identity… Read More

Regtech Trulioo Announces Capabilities for Expanding, Automating KYB, KYC Verification

Trulioo, a global identity verification platform, today released new capabilities that cement its position as the premier source for automated business and person verification workflows. The latest update bolsters Trulioo global leadership by “expanding geographic coverage and localization for person verification and further automating business… Read More

Digital Identity: Socure Makes Progress Toward Helping Governments Deliver Inclusive ID Verification

Socure, the provider of digital identity verification and fraud solutions, announced today that its Socure ID+ platform has been added to the State Risk and Authorization Management Program’s (StateRAMP) Progressing Product List after illustrating the core regulatory and industry-defined requirements for StateRAMP compliance. Socure is… Read More

Identity Verification Firm Veriff Introduces AI-Enhanced Age Estimation Solution

Veriff, a global identity verification provider, today announced its new Age Estimation solution, built to further streamline the age verification process for customers. Veriff Age Estimation “uses facial biometrics to enable users to easily estimate their age with a selfie, rather than having to provide… Read More

ID Verification Firm Onfido Acquires Airside, Enabling ‘Verify Once, Share Anywhere’ Digital Identity

Onfido, which claims to be the global leader in automated identity verification, today announced it has acquired Airside Mobile, Inc., a key player focused on private, digital identity sharing technology. The World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer is “the first company to bring user-controlled digital identity… Read More

Regtech: Identity Verification Firm Trulioo Appoints Erika Rottenberg to Its Board of Directors

Trulioo, a global identity verification platform, announced the appointment of Erika Rottenberg to its board of directors. Rottenberg reportedly “brings extensive technology and business expertise to the Trulioo board and reinforces the company’s position as the platform global businesses turn to for growth, innovation and… Read More

ID Verification Firm Veriff, MassPay to Ensure Compliance for Global Payment Orchestration Platform

Veriff, a global identity verification provider, today announced that it has partnered with MassPay, a global payout technology company, to provide enhanced identity verification (IDV) services and know your customer (KYC) offerings through its Global Payment Orchestration Platform. With this partnership, Veriff expedites the IDV… Read More

Identity Verification, Regtech: iDenfy, Fincapital Partners to Provide Automated KYC, AML Checks

iDenfy, an AI-enabled identity verification, and fraud prevention tech startup, announced its partnership with Fincapital Partners, an all-in-one banking and asset management platform that offers comprehensive financial services. The company will “leverage iDenfy’s advanced KYC and AML solutions to deliver a seamless customer onboarding process.”… Read More

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