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Regtech Sumsub and Payments Infrastructure Provider Mercuryo Release Informative Update on VASPs

Sumsub has teamed up with Mercuryo, a global payments infrastructure platform, to publish a detailed update for Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs), titled “Mastering Travel Rule Compliance”. The update reportedly covers everything businesses in “the digital token space need to know about the Travel Rule… Read More

Research by Regtech Sumsub Unveils Alarming Surge of Fraud Networks Across Multiple Regions

Research by Sumsub, a global verification platform with 1B+ identities database, shows an alarming surge of fraud networks across multiple regions. The company discovered the trend prior to “launching its upgraded comprehensive Fraud Prevention Solution aimed to help businesses fight fraud networks and other rising… Read More

Regtech Sumsub, a Full-Cycle Verification Provider, Integrates with Blockchain Platform Chainalysis

Sumsub, a global full-cycle verification provider, announces its integration with Chainalysis, the blockchain data platform. This partnership combines Sumsub’s Transaction Monitoring and Travel Rule solutions with Chainalysis’ blockchain analytics platform and services, “enabling regulatory compliance, secured data storage and automated crypto transaction monitoring for client… Read More

Plumery, a Digital Banking Tech Provider, Partners with Regtech Sumsub

Plumery, a mobile and digital banking technology provider, and Sumsub, a global full-cycle verification platform, are partnering up, according to a joint statement. Within the partnership, Plumery has integrated Sumsub‘s capabilities “into its new-generation ‘Headless’ digital banking engagement platform, launching first with Sumsub’s Know Your… Read More

MENA Fintech Association Welcomes Regtech SumSub

Regtech Sumsub has reportedly joined the MENA FinTech Association (MFTA) in order to drive business growth in the MENA region, while “raising identity fraud awareness, and fostering innovation in the fintech sector.” This partnership highlights Sumsub’s commitment “to establishing and strengthening key industry connections and… Read More

Regtech Firm Sumsub Joins Singapore FinTech Association

Sumsub has joined the Singapore FinTech Association (SFA). This collaboration signifies Sumsub’s dedication “to driving innovation, fostering key industry connections, and contributing to the vibrant FinTech landscape in Singapore, as well as the wider APAC market following the establishment of its regional headquarters in Singapore… Read More

Identity Fraud Types Now Include AI-powered Fraud, Money Muling Networks, Fake IDs, Account Takeovers, Forced Verification – Report

The top-5 identity fraud types in 2023 are: AI-powered fraud, money muling networks, fake IDs, account takeovers and forced verification. This, according to an update from Sumsub. Sumsub recently released its third annual Identity Fraud Report of the year. The report provides a comprehensive analysis… Read More

Regtech Sumsub Launches Full-Cycle Verification, Anti-fraud Solution for Gaming

Sumsub announces the first integrated solution for user verification, anti-fraud and compliance in gaming enabling both platforms and operators to seamlessly cover the entire player lifecycle and maximize revenue while “staying compliant with all regulations and guidelines.” With this launch, Sumsub claims that is the… Read More

Regtech Sumsub Boosts Pass Rates by 37% for Businesses with Its Enhanced Global Database Verification

Sumsub announces the latest advancements to its Global Database Verification solution, designed for businesses seeking reliable, efficient, and cost-effective user verification. Global Database Verification caters “to a wide range of both regulated and non-regulated industries and businesses looking to ensure the legitimacy and accuracy of… Read More

Report Sheds Light on Escalating Fraud Patterns in Crypto Verification

Sumsub, a full-cycle verification platform, unveiled its “State of Verification and Monitoring in the Crypto Industry 2023” report, shedding light on the pressing issue of new fraud patterns and schemes in the cryptocurrency sector. With a staggering 77% of crypto companies reporting an encounter with… Read More

Singapore: Sumsub Collaborates with dtcpay to Bolster Digital Currency Transaction Security

Sumsub, an international verification platform, has entered into a partnership with dtcpay, a prominent payment service provider based in Singapore. This collaboration aims to enhance the security and reliability of digital currency transactions, specifically in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, UK, and Europe. A significant element… Read More

Sumsub Launches 6-Month Free Travel Rule Compliance Solution

Sumsub, a global full-cycle verification platform, today launched a six-month free trial of its Travel Rule compliance solution. The product will be available to global cryptocurrency organizations in time for the enforcement of the landmark Crypto Travel Rule legislation expanding in the United Kingdom today to further combat money laundering and terrorism… Read More

Fintech Firm Sumsub to Make Singapore its APAC Head Offices

Sumsub announces its plans to make Singapore its APAC headquarters and wider business development goals in the region. This strategic move comes in response “to the escalating threat of identity fraud in the region with the rise in digital startups.” In recent years, Singapore has… Read More

Regtech Sumsub Shares Transaction Monitoring Guidelines to Help Firms Combat Fraud, Remain Compliant

Sumsub, a global tech company that provides customizable KYC, KYB and AML solutions for the whole user journey, published its Complete Guide to Transaction Monitoring “to provide a detailed picture of transaction monitoring as an integral part of the verification system.” The guide was “prepared… Read More

Fluid Finance, Sumsub to Enhance Identity Verification, AML Compliance

Fluid Finance, a Fintech company headquartered in Geneva, has partnered with Sumsub, a global all-in-one verification platform, “to enhance user onboarding and ensure bulletproof fraud protection.” Fluid’s aim is “to create a new financial model by combining traditional and digital finance.” Strict compliance, Know Your… Read More

Pismo, Sumsub to Offer Identity Verification in Banking Transactions

Managing compliance risks can feel intimidating, “especially because identity crime and fraud attempts jumped by 36% in 2021 relative to 2020,” according to the Identity Theft Resource Center. As global regulations and accessibility increase, so do compliance risks. To ensure secure operations and offer a… Read More

Sumsub Introduces No-Code User Journeys to Help Firms Conduct Verification

Sumsub, a global tech company providing customizable KYC, KYB, KYT, and AML solutions, announced the launch of Workflow Builder, a feature enabling businesses “to create user verification workflows tailored to specific triggers and risk scenarios.” This new offering will “allow companies to automate onboarding decision-making… Read More

Sumsub Introduces “1-Click” Document-free Verification for 2B+ Users

Sumsub, a global tech company providing anti-fraud and compliance solutions, announces the launch of “one click-KYC.” These services from Sumsub are available for users in India, Brazil, Nigeria and Indonesia. The new solution will “allow businesses to instantly onboard over 2 billion users without requesting… Read More

Regtech Sumsub Expands Business Operations to the US

Sumsub, a Regtech company that helps businesses stay compliant and fight digital fraud, “establishes its first US office in Miami, Florida, launching new services available for US customers.” Now local clients can “add Social Security Number (SSN) checks to verify users through Social Security records.”… Read More

Instant Money Transfer Fintech Spoko.app Partners Sumsub, an ID Verification Firm

Instant money transfer Fintech Spoko.app reveals that it has teamed up with Sumsub, an ID verification firm that claims to offer bank-grade security. Through their partnership, Spoko.app will aim to enhance fraud protection and lower average user verification time down to a minute, in order… Read More