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The Ultimate Guide to Marketing an Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

  As part of an upcoming book on equity crowdfunding, I have asked past campaigns about their very best marketing tactics. They have used these exact strategies to raise millions of dollars, pounds and euros! In this article, I have distilled their advice into these… Read More

Success: UK’s Idler Academy Overfunds During the Final Week on Crowdcube

Crowdcube has a new #FundedClub member! Last month, UK-based Idler Academy took to the equity crowdfunding platform to raise £125,000 as it prepared to expand its new online course programs. During the final week, the initiative surpassed the initial goal and finished the round with nearly £140,000 from… Read More

UK’s Idler Academy Seeks £125,000 on Crowdcube to Continue Online Education Course Program Expansion

Over the weekend, Idler Academy took to equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube to raise £125,000 as it prepares to expand its new online course programs. Founded by author Tom Hodgkinson, The Idler Academy is an publishing and events business that now offers on-demand education, which includes online courses in the liberal arts… Read More

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