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Crowdfunding 101: “Inocente”

Project: Inocente Funding goal: US$50,000 Amount raised: $52,527 Kickstarter backers: 294 Key takeaway: Know how much you need Husband and wife directorial team Sean Fine (pictured above, right) and Andrea Nix Fine (left) were in post-production on their 39-minute doc Inocente when they decided to turn to Kickstarter for help. The film… Read More

Filmmakers Have Earned $128 Million in Pledges on Kickstarter

Film projects on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter have raised $127 million in pledges since April 2009, Kickstarter’s Stephanie Pereira announced onstage at TFI Interactive. The $127 million figure has now increased to $128 million on Kickstarter’s live stats page. More than 1 million people have pledged money to help… Read More

Why Crowdfunding Has Surpassed the VC industry

For the first time in a digital and human history, a film funded by the people (a.k.a. crowd) has won an Oscar. Inocente had the help of 294 backers who donated over $52K in total via Kickstarter, the leading crowdfunding platform which utilizes contribution (donation)… Read More

Secrets of Indie Filmmaking: Crowd Funding Oscar

Did you watch the Academy Awards last night because it’s fun or because you’re in the business, independently or otherwise, and you consider it part of your job to do so?  Or do you not care at all about any of it? Well, last night… Read More

Crowdfunded Film Inocente Wins Oscar for Best Documentary Short

There were three crowdfunded films up for an Academy Award last night and one of them came home with an Oscar:  Inocente won the Oscar for Best Documentary Short.  Crowdfunding on Kickstarter the project raised $52,527 on a goal of $50,000. The team behind Inocente… Read More

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