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European Investment Platform PeerBerry Reports €45.52M of War-Affected Loans Being Repaid to Investors

In 19 months of the war (since February 24, 2022), PeerBerry business partners Aventus Group and Gofingo Group have, in total, “repaid PeerBerry investors €45.52 million or 90.64% of the total outstanding war-affected obligations.” Compared to other war-affected platforms, PeerBerry claims that it is the… Read More

Investment Platform Bondora Reports €15M+ in Investment Funding and Originations During August 2023

The growth that kickstarted in July has continued into August, “with increases across the board,” the team at Bondora noted. Loan originations, as well as investment product funding, “totaled over €15M each in August. Cash recoveries and collection efforts also increased to over €1M.” Bondora… Read More

Digital Assets: Robinhood Claims to Offer Competitive Crypto Trading Services

Robinhood (NASDAQ:HOOD) announced the results of a study—”verified” by Radius Insights—showing that Robinhood reportedly offers the “lowest cost” to trade crypto on average. The analysis compares prices quoted from various platforms and exchanges, “including Cash App, Coinbase Advanced, Coinbase, Crypto.com, and Kraken, concluding that customers… Read More

Republic Is Allowing Clients to Invest with One Tap Now on Android

Republic, the operator of the largest investment crowdfunding platforms in the world, has made investing in new opportunities more seamless and accessible. Republic, which gives you power to invest in the future you believe in by taking positions in startups, real estate, crypto and video… Read More

P2P Investment Platforms Are Now Satisfying Key Requirements, Metrics Significantly Faster, Analysis Reveals

P2P platforms used to take about 5 years to reach key metrics, whereas in current conditions, new companies need just 3 years to do so, according to a recent update shared by Robo.cash. Robocash platform analysts have reportedly looked into three parameters “as the main… Read More

Investment Platform Bitpanda Offers 300+ Tradeable Crypto-Assets, 2600+ Digital Assets

Over the past three months, Bitpanda claims it has “called bull on the bear market and increased the number of tradeable crypto assets on their platform from around 230 to 300+, including Arbitrum (ARB), SUI (SUI) and SingularityNET (AGIX).” This means Bitpanda now is “the… Read More

Alternative Lending Market in Spain Is Valued at €600M+, Indicating a Shift in Nation’s Financial Activities: Report

Spain is a country where old meets new, tradition dances “with innovation, and the economy basks in the sun of digital transformation and the fintech boom,” the team at Mintos notes. The report from Mintos points out that Spain, with its mix of beautiful beaches,… Read More

European Investment Platform Bondora Shares Key Updates from H1 2023

Bondora notes that we are more than halfway through the year. Like with any goal, it’s essential to acknowledge achievements along the way to stay motivated on the path to success, the team at Bondora noted while adding “that a lot has happened already, and… Read More

European Investment Platform Shojin, LINUS, Reinvest24 to Focus on Real Estate Initiatives

Investment platform Shojin has teamed up with LINUS as well as Reinvest24 in order to expand various real estate opportunities. Shojin, a UK-headquartered FCA-regulated investment platform, has announced its partnership with LINUS Digital Finance, a Berlin-based real estate investment platform, and Reinvest24, an Estonia-based real… Read More

Fundrise Acquired or Invested in $400M of Real Estate Assets Since Beginning of Year: Report

Fundrise notes that the belief that a very real and potentially significant downturn still lies ahead has necessarily “been the foundation for all their decisions across the portfolio over the past six months.” As Fundrise noted at the beginning of the year and again in… Read More

European Investment Platform Bondora Reports Solid Performance in The Netherlands, Steady Recoveries

Despite small decreases, there was still a large number of investments and loans originated in May 2023, according to an update from European investment platform Bondora. Both were in the €19 million ballpark, which is still “some of the highest monthly amounts they’ve seen recently.”… Read More

Debitum, a European Digital Debt Marketplace, Announces New Investment Options

Debitum reports that the month of July 2023 has started with several positive developments for existing and new investors. According to a blog post by Debitum, more investment options are available via the platform, and there is also an updated “Invite a friend” program conditions,… Read More

European P2P Market Continues to Expand, with Declining Interest Rates: Robo.cash Report

As the European P2P market continues to expand, interest rates tend to go down, according to an update from Robo.cash. The analysts at Robo.cash platform consider this as certain patterns “that may continue in the long term.” The European P2P lending market is “growing at… Read More

Traderpal’s Fintech App Makes Stock Trading Accessible to Spanish-Speaking Individuals with Alpaca

Traderpal is described as a simple and easy-to-use app designed to democratize access to financial markets for Spanish-speaking individuals. With Traderpal, users can “invest in thousands of US stocks, and ETFs and start building a diversified investment portfolio to help them achieve their financial goals.”… Read More

Open Banking: European Investment Platform Mintos Enables Faster Deposits

Mintos have shared the latest updates on what their platform developers have been working. Mintos reveals recent improvements, feature developments, and “share the innovative solutions powering their platform.” This month, Mintos reportedly spoke to one of their engineers, Artis, a full-stack developer who started at… Read More

Investment Infrastructure: Alpaca Announces Upgrade with 24/7 sub-250ms Latency Transaction Processing

At Alpaca, their vision is to build a global de facto standard infrastructure for investing, and for that, they claim it is critical that they continue to provide technology infrastructure to support this vision. They prioritize their API platform, “designed with developers in mind, and… Read More

European P2P Market Investment Opportunities Now Available in Multiple Jurisdictions Globally, Says Robo.cash

Investments from continental Europe are available in 112 different countries throughout the world, according to an update from Robo.cash. On the continent, Spain reportedly ranks first as an investment-attractive сountry. Outside of Europe, the United States leads the way, the team at Robo.cash notes in… Read More

Syfe Launches in Australia, Offering a Platform to Invest in US stocks, ETFs, Crypto

Syfe, which claims to be a leading digital investment platform headquartered in Singapore officially launched in Australia. This is Syfe’s third market “after its launch in Hong Kong last quarter.” In July, Syfe celebrated its third anniversary and “revealed that it had reached a significant… Read More

Goodvest, which Aims to Build a Sustainable Investment Platform, Acquires €452,323 via Crowdcube

Goodvest, which is on a mission to build a “sustainable” investment platform committed to fight climate change: 100% personalized & transparent, has secured 187% (€468,760) of its €250,000 target from 379 investors through its crowdfunding campaign, carried out via Crowdcube. There are now 8 days… Read More

Lithuania’s Debitum, a Borderless Financing Platform, Shares Update Regarding Chain Finance

Another loan that was issued by Chain Finance has now “been recovered,” according to an update from Debitum. The loan was issued to a Lithuanian licensed financial institution and now “100% of principal amount, interest, and penalty amount for being late have been credited to… Read More

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