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European Investment Platform Debitum Releases Latest Updates for May 2024

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European investment platform Debitum has shared its latest investments updates for the month of May 2024. At the beginning of May, a new Debitum secured Notes Issuer – company Foresto LLC – joined the platform and “issued its first Debitum Notes.” Debitum Investments (DN Operator… Read More

European Investment Platform Debitum Reports Onboarding Over 800 New Investors

Debitum Investments has reportedly received an “A level” taxpayer rating from the Latvian State Revenue Service. The team at Debitum further noted that as part of the long-term strategy platform have launched a new financial instrument – Debitum Notes. Debitium also mentioned in a blog… Read More

Debitum Announces New Investment Product and Streamlined Investor Onboarding Process

Debitum says they are pleased to announce that a new investment product – shorter terms and daily interest repayments – is available to their investors starting now. Debitum is a licensed and regulated platform “where it is possible to invest only in bond-like financial instruments… Read More

Digital Debt Marketplace Debitum Introduces Auto Invest Feature

Debitum notes that there are many Auto Invests in the market, and that they have had an opportunity to try them, adopt the “best” practices, and come up with something innovative. As the P2P industry supports passive investing, Debitum claims that its goal was to… Read More

Digital Debt Marketplace Debitum Shares Latest Platform Updates

During August 2023, Debitum says that it continued to implement the platform’s long-term development plan. Last month: the change in ownership of Debitum was announced (expect more details soon). As noted in the update from Debitum, Ukrainian asset management was “restructured and announced new investment… Read More

Debitum-affiliated Loan Originator Sandbox Funding has Now Issued 1M Euros in Loans

Debitum is pleased to announce that Debitum-affiliated Loan originator Sandbox Funding has issued its 1st million euros in loans. Loans have been issued “to Latvian companies from forestry and agriculture, energy, and eco-house construction industries.” Henrijs Jansons, Debitum CEO, said: “We started to test Sandbox… Read More

European Debt Marketplace Debitum Shares Key Platform Updates

Debitum notes that July is one of the quietest months in the investment world, however, the firm has been “very active” during this time. During July, Debitum reveals that they have: added new ABS assets from Sandbox Funding to the platform, offered to invest on… Read More

Debitum, a Digital Debt Marketplace, Introduces Sandbox Funding Offer, Announces Changes to Ownership Structure

Debitum wants investors to consider investing in Sandbox Funding, a new ABS program that includes 5 loans “to forest and agricultural land company ‘Ozolu Meži’ LTD.” As noted in a blog post by Debitum, loans to the borrower company are “issued to support business operations… Read More

Debitum, a European Digital Debt Marketplace, Announces New Investment Options

Debitum reports that the month of July 2023 has started with several positive developments for existing and new investors. According to a blog post by Debitum, more investment options are available via the platform, and there is also an updated “Invite a friend” program conditions,… Read More

Debitum, a Digital Debt Marketplace, Announces New UK, Poland ABS Programs for Investments

Debitum partners from Poland and UK – financing company Flexidea Polska and Triple Dragon – have released 3 new ABS programs. Debitum is “a digital debt marketplace that aggregates business loans from SMEs across Europe for diversified investment.” Debitum enables investors “to access an alternative… Read More

Debitum Partner Introduces Estonian Business Loans at 10.75% P.A., Available for Investments

Debitum reveals that their Estonia-based partner – non-bank financing company Evergreen Capital which issues business loans to Estonian SMEs from the manufacturing and services sectors has “released a new ABS program with 26 underlying assets.” According to a blog post published by Debitum, the ABS… Read More

Borderless Financing Platform Debitum Shares Key Updates

Debitum has shared key updates including the number of assets (loans) pooled into Asset-Backed Securities by Loan Originator In March, the Debitum platform reportedly “offered to place investments in 10 ABS programs consisting of 175 loans.” The total number of assets “at the end of… Read More

European Financing Platform Debitum Reports Solid Start to 2023

The team at Debitum notes that platform performance in February reveals a solid start of the year. New Loan originator – Flexiadea Polska – assets are “available for investments; increased rates for existing Loan Originators; improvements of the platform (‘About us’ section rebuilt); new deposits… Read More

European Financing Platform Debitum Shares Key Updates, Strategy for 2023

February has started with “great news” from Debitum‘s UK Loan originator, the company Triple Dragon. Two new A+ ABS programs are added to Debitum. Both programs are “on increased interest rate – by 1% p.a. compared to the regular rate.” 1st ABS program details: Total… Read More

European Financing Platform Debitum Reports Steady Performance for December 2022

The team at Debitum notes that the last month of 2022 “has brought positive and growing results for Debitum platform.” In December 2022, Debitum Asset-Backed Security offer “increased to 12 – TRIPLE DRAGON had 25 underlying assets in 5 ABSs, FLEXIDEA had 2 ABSs with… Read More

European Investment Platform Debitum Reports 3,547 Registered Users, €72M in Total Funding Reached

The month of November has passed under the Triple Dragon birthday anniversary sign – with many offers from Debitum‘s Loan Originators and increased activity from the investors’ side. On the 1st of December 2022, Debitum Asset-Backed Security offer “was 11, TRIPLE DRAGON had 25 underlying… Read More

European Financing Platform Debitum Shares Audit Results of Business Operations

As a licensed platform, Debitum must regularly “conduct internal and external audits.” The latest external audit was performed by Grant Thornton International in October 2022. The subject of this audit was “to inspect how well are managed investors funds and to examine platforms’ procedures and… Read More

European Financing Platform Debitum Shares Latest Updates for October 2022

At the beginning of November 2022, Debitum Asset-Backed Security offer was 5, TRIPLE DRAGON had 10 underlying assets in 2 ABSs, FLEXIDEA had 1 ABSs with 5 business loans and EVERGREEN CAPITAL had 44 underlying assets in 2 ABSs. At the end of October 2022,… Read More

European Financing Platform Debitum Reports Steady Growth of Parent Company

European financing platform Debitum notes that its partner company Triple Dragon – an “innovative,” “fast-growing,” specialist lender in the gaming and mobile app industries – in December 2022 will mark their 6th year anniversary. During these years Triple Dragon have reportedly “managed not only to… Read More

European Financing Platform Debitum Shares Interim Financial Report Q1-Q2 2022

For the entire world, and especially for the European region, the year 2022 is associated with significant fluctuations in the global economy, which also “have left a remarkable impact on every local market,” the team at Debitum noted. Such a difficult and critical period has… Read More

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