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Sustainability linked Loans Offered to Agribusinesses via New Bank of Ireland Partnership

The Bank of Ireland has entered a new Enviroflex partnership with Aurivo Co-op. Sustainability-linked loans now available to members of leading agribusiness, according to the update from the Bank of Ireland. As mentioned in a blog post, the Bank of Ireland has formed a new… Read More

LendingClub Reports Surpassing $3 Billion in Loans Sold via Structured Certificates Program

LendingClub (NYSE: LC) has reportedly surpassed $3 billion in loans sold via its structured certificates program. LendingClub Corporation, the parent company of LendingClub Bank, which claims to be one of America’s leading digital marketplace banks, recently announced that it has surpassed $3 billion in loans… Read More

Gofingo Group Reportedly Repaid PeerBerry Investors €350,000 in War-Affected Loans

Gofingo Group has reportedly repaid PeerBerry investors €350,000 in war-affected loans. These repayments are being processed on the PeerBerry platform “every month in the middle of the month.” Aventus Group’s war-affected long-term loans are repaid “monthly under the initial loan schedules.” In 28 months of… Read More

Swedish Bank for Small Businesses, Qred, Raises Loan Limit to Up to 5M SEK

Qred, a bank based in Sweden, states that it is raising the loan limit for small business owners. Customers can now apply for loans “up to 5 million SEK, an increase of 3 million SEK from the previous maximum amount.” The increase is part of… Read More

HeavyFinance Platform Investors Reportedly Allocated €1.04M Across 37 Agricultural Projects in May

In May, HeavyFinance says that it saw the investor community allocate “a total of €1.04M across 37 agricultural projects” using the European platform. As of the end of May 2024, HeavyFinance reveals that a significant sum of €55.92M was “issued in loans since the inception… Read More

Fintech PhonePe Expands Loan Distribution Offerings with Secured Lending Products

PhonePe expanded its loan distribution offerings with the launch of secured lending products on its platform. Partnering with a network of trusted banks, non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) and fintechs, PhonePe armed “with its distribution strength of 535+ Million registered users, aims to create a powerful and… Read More

Investment Platform PeerBerry Reports Portfolio Growth to €113.12M in Past Month

PeerBerry’s portfolio grew to €113.12 million last month (from €110.59 million at the end of April) further ensuring our investors a higher invested amount. As expected, the loan supply on the platform “was higher in May than in April.” PeerBerry investors have reportedly “funded €49.13… Read More

Estateguru Has Reportedly Provided €800M in Funding via their Platform

Estateguru is pleased to announce that their investors have now provided €800,000,000 in funding through their platform. The projects they have funded are now said to be “a feature of the modern European landscape, and a testament to the constructive power of informed investment.” The… Read More

Peruvian Fintech Firm Leasy Reportedly Secures Additional Funding via Series A

Peruvian Fintech company Leasy has reportedly completed a $28 million Series A round in equity and debt. The investment round is said to have been led by Magma Partners with Entangle Group, DeBa Ventures, Noa Capital, and Grupo CAPEM, also making contributions along with various… Read More

Estateguru Reports €7.8M in Loan Repayments and €0.1M from Recovered Loans in February

Estateguru has shared its latest Loan Portfolio Overview for the month of February 2024. Estateguru says that they “saw €7.8M in loan repayments in February, with an additional €0.1M from recovered loans.” Estateguru further noted that they “saw €7.8M in loan repayments in February, with… Read More

Real Estate Developer and PeerBerry Partner Lithome Repaid Investors a €600K Loan

PeerBerry’s business partner – real estate developer Lithome – repaid investors a €600 000 loan (real estate project “Marijampolės 5”) and paid their investors €57 405 in interest. Today, Gofingo Group repaid PeerBerry investors €200 000 in war-affected loans. These repayments are being “processed on… Read More

Estateguru Reports €6.1M in Loan Repayments in January with Additional €0.5M from Recovered Loans

Estateguru is sharing its loan portfolio for the month of January 2024. Estateguru says that it saw €6.1M in loan repayments in January, “with an additional €0.5M from recovered loans.” Estateguru says it also saw total returns amounting to €1.2M euros, with “an average return… Read More

Sub-prime Consumer Credit Market Appears to Be Improving But Worsening Macroeconomic Environment Could Reverse Trend – Report

Varun Surapaneni from Neuberger Berman notes that the percentage of past-due loans “to riskier consumers has begun to flatten, while newly issued paper is carrying higher interest rates.” In an update titled, A Turning Point in Sub-Prime Credit, Varun writes that “after a challenging period… Read More

UK’s Digital Bank OakNorth Provides £2.5M Loan to SES, the Power Distribution Products Manufacturer

OakNorth, the digital bank for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, has provided a £2.5m loan to SES, the manufacturer of power distribution products for the entertainment industry, to support the creation of its employee ownership scheme. Founded in 1994 by brothers Mark and Gordon Cooper, and headquartered… Read More

Mintos Reports Solid Platform Performance with Investments in Notes Reaching €113.7M in Dec 2023

In December, Mintos reports that it continued its strong performance, with investments in Notes reaching €113.7 million. According to Peteris Mikelsons, Head of Partnerships at Mintos, “this marks the second-best month in 2023, following the peak in November.” However, the supply of new loans “failed… Read More

Estateguru Reports Steady Growth with Focus on Property backed Lending in Finland and the Baltics

Estateguru reports that with the continued support of clients has allowed them to weather the storm, and consolidate their status as a key player focused on property backed lending in Finland, and the Baltics. Estateguru‘s management notes in a blog post that the challenging macroeconomic… Read More

UK’s OakNorth Bank Provides Loan to Lovett Care to Develop Site in Manchester

OakNorth – the digital bank for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs – has provided a loan to Lovett Care, the care home provider. Founded in 2009, Lovett Care specializes in “offering residential, nursing and dementia care across England and Wales.” The past three years has seen the… Read More

Indian Banks Will Stand at Pivotal Juncture in 2024, as Fintechs and NBFCs Support Financial Sector, Industry Professional Says

Jaya Vaidhyanathan, CEO, BCT Digital, recently shared key insights with CI that are focused around the banking sector and unsecured loans offered in India (along with the Reserve Bank of India’s recent policy decisions). Jaya from BCT Digital notes that as we enter 2024, the… Read More

PeerBerry Platform Is Planning to Onboard 10 New Lenders in H1 2024

PeerBerry recently completed the repayments of the last Polish loans. Over €20 million of Polish loans (plus accrued interest) were “repaid to investors in November and December.” Previously, loans issued in Poland accounted “for about 25% of all loans” funded through the PeerBerry platform. PeerBerry… Read More

Estateguru Reports €9.4M in Loan Repayments in November with Additional €1.3M Coming from Recovered Loans

Estateguru says that they saw €9.4 million in loan repayments in November, with an additional €1.3 million coming from recovered loans. As noted in a blog post by Estateguru, the total returns amounted to €1.1 million, “with an average return rate of 8.99%.” Estateguru has… Read More

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