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PeerBerry Investors Reportedly Funded a Record-High Amount of €80.4M+ of Loans in Nov 2023, Earned €862,844 in Interest

PeerBerry investors have reportedly funded a record-high amount of over €80.4 million of loans in November and earned €862 844 in interest. PeerBerry’s portfolio has “amounted to €109.88 million at the end of the last months.” PeerBerry reveals that it currently “has over 76 625… Read More

Fintech MPOWER Surpasses $300M in Financing Capacity to Support International Students’ Education

MPOWER Financing, a mission-driven fintech firm and the leading provider of non-cosigned loans to promising students from around the world, recently announced that it has closed on debt financing that “has propelled the firm’s overall lending capacity to over $300 million.” Active funding includes commitments… Read More

European Personal Finance Firm Iute Group Reports Latest Operational Results

Iute Group reports that its performing loans portfolio and revenue continued to grow in the 9 months of 2023. The company has further shared the following financial and operational updates: Number of active customers declined “to 282 thousand (31 Dec. 2022: 293 thousand) but the… Read More

PeerBerry Reports €46.2M of War-Affected Loans Now Repaid to Investors

In 21 months of the war (since February 24, 2022), PeerBerry business partners Aventus Group and Gofingo Group have, in total, repaid PeerBerry investors €46.2 million or 92% of the total outstanding war-affected obligations. Today, Gofingo Group repaid PeerBerry investors €200 000 in war-affected loans…. Read More

Real Estate Developer SIB Group, a PeerBerry Partner, Shares Updates on Repayments, Interest Paid to investors

PeerBerry’s business partner – real estate developer SIB Group – has reportedly repaid investors a €200 000 loan (real estate project “Lini namai”) and paid €41,076 in interest to our investors. PeerBerry enters its seventh year of operations “with a record amount of funded loans… Read More

Financial Wellness Benefits from DailyPay Are Reportedly Helping Workers Avoid High Fees Associated with Payday Loans

Retail workers are able to avoid “financially crippling” fees associated with payday loans and late penalties, while amassing less credit card debt when they have access to the financial wellness benefit of DailyPay, according to an update shared by the Fintech firm. The research follows… Read More

LoanPlus from Sri Lanka Joins PeerBerry Investment Platform

One more business partner, LoanPlus from Sri Lanka, joins the PeerBerry platform. LoanPlus will reportedly offer PeerBerry investors investments “in short-term loans with an 11.5% annual return.” Loans provided by LoanPlus to PeerBerry investors “include a buyback and a group guarantee.” LoanPlus (legal name AISIT… Read More

Real-World Assets: Actively Managed Credit Portfolio Launches On-Chain with Monetalis, Cicada Partners

The Osprey Total Return Pool is the “first” actively managed investment grade credit portfolio available on-chain. The strategy of the pool is powerful: deliver “a total return from a short-duration Investment Grade credit portfolio of ‘real-world-assets’ including; Treasury Bills, Asset-Backed Securities, and Loans.” The pool… Read More

UK’s TAB, the Real Estate Finance and Investment Firm, Completes Private Securitization Facility

TAB, the real estate finance and investment house set to have a £500m loan book in 2024, has completed a private securitisation facility with NatWest and Atalaya Capital Management of “up to £300m to support TAB’s lending products.” Both funding partners support TAB’s commitment to… Read More

Real Estate Developer Lithome has Repaid a Loan of €320,000 and Paid €30,406 Interest to Investors

PeerBerry’s business partner – real estate developer Lithome – repaid investors a EUR 320 000 (real estate project “City Stories”, funding of the first construction stage) loan and paid EUR 30,406 in interest. PeerBerry closed one more record month – in September, PeerBerry investors funded… Read More

Mintos Reports Increase in Investments with Interest Earned by Investors Surging to €4.1M in Sept 2023

The month of September has shown “promising” growth on Mintos. Total investments via Mintos saw “a significant increase to €94.9 million, and interest earned by investors climbed to €4.1 million.” This upward trend was primarily “driven by the same trend we observed in August,” explained… Read More

Qatar Central Bank Issues Loan-Based Crowdfunding Regulation

Qatar Central Bank (QCB) has issued the Loan-Based Crowdfunding Regulation for the purpose of licensing and regulating loan-based crowdfunding activities and services in Qatar. The move forms part of QCB’s permanent endeavor to regulate and develop the financial sector in the country and is line… Read More

Small Business Loan Approvals Declined at Large Banks, Rose at Other Lenders in Sept 2023 – Report

Small business loan approval percentages at big banks ($10 billion+ in assets) fell again, dropping from 13.2% in August to 13.1% in September, according to the latest Biz2Credit Small Business Lending Index. Big bank lending to small businesses “has dipped every month since June 2022.”… Read More

Citi Now Connected to Versana Digital Data Platform, Enabling Syndicated Loans in Real-Time

Versana announced that founding investor Citi (NYSE: C) is now connected to its transformative digital data platform, “enabling syndicated loans agented by Citi to be available to Versana’s growing subscriber base in real-time.” Citi joins Versana’s other three founding investors – Bank of America, Credit… Read More

Point Predictive, the AI-Powered Fraud Solution Provider for Auto Lending Industry, Teams Up with Metro Jobber’s

Point Predictive, the firm focused on AI-powered fraud solutions for the auto lending industry, has joined forces with Metro Jobber’s, Inc., a wholesale automotive distributor, to tackle the growing issue of auto loan fraud in the Detroit Metropolitan area. This strategic partnership is set “to… Read More

Smartcredito from Spain Joins PeerBerry Investment Platform

One more business partner, Smartcredito from Spain, joins the PeerBerry platform. Smartcredito will offer PeerBerry investors investments “in short-term loans with a 10% annual return.” Loans provided by Smartcredito to PeerBerry investors “include a buyback and a group guarantee.” Smartcredito (legal name Arena Finance Spain… Read More

Digital Debt Marketplace Debitum Shares Latest Platform Updates

During August 2023, Debitum says that it continued to implement the platform’s long-term development plan. Last month: the change in ownership of Debitum was announced (expect more details soon). As noted in the update from Debitum, Ukrainian asset management was “restructured and announced new investment… Read More

European Investment Platform PeerBerry Reports €45.52M of War-Affected Loans Being Repaid to Investors

In 19 months of the war (since February 24, 2022), PeerBerry business partners Aventus Group and Gofingo Group have, in total, “repaid PeerBerry investors €45.52 million or 90.64% of the total outstanding war-affected obligations.” Compared to other war-affected platforms, PeerBerry claims that it is the… Read More

Investment Platform Bondora Reports €15M+ in Investment Funding and Originations During August 2023

The growth that kickstarted in July has continued into August, “with increases across the board,” the team at Bondora noted. Loan originations, as well as investment product funding, “totaled over €15M each in August. Cash recoveries and collection efforts also increased to over €1M.” Bondora… Read More

UK’s LHV Bank Launches Enhanced SME Lending System

LHV Bank, the UK’s newest licensed bank, has rolled out a new loan system for its SME Lending division, transitioning to the cloud-based banking system of its SaaS partner, Tuum. This move consolidates the bank’s architecture, “enhances resource allocation, and establishes a robust futureproof framework,… Read More

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