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Online Investment Platform EstateGuru Tops €40 Million in First Half of 2024

EstateGuru, an online investment platform serving Europe, is reporting that it surpassed €40 million in investment during the first six months of 2024. At the same time, investors received a capital return of €47.5 million, earning €6.9 million (10.88%). Based in Estonia, investors may participate… Read More

Estateguru Reports Decline in Repayments, Recoveries, and Funded Amounts Along with Positive Developments

Estateguru, which is currently facing significant operational challenges, has shared their latest loan portfolio overview for May 2024. In May, although Estateguru says it experienced “a temporary dip in repayments, recoveries, and funded amounts, there were several positive developments.” Estateguru reveals that they “secured a… Read More

Bondora Group Investors Reportedly Added Over €13M to Go & Grow Accounts in May

Bondora Group has released their latest platform stats for the month of May 2024. In addition to the usual investment, origination, and new investor stats, Bondora has also shared other key details. As noted in a blog post by Bondora, 2,166 more people reportedly “created… Read More

Depowise Expands into UK and Ireland

Depowise, an Estonian-founded oversight and process automation startup for financial services firms, is expanding into the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company aims to “increase its current 5% market share tenfold in the domiciled funds market of Luxembourg, Ireland, and the UK, valued at more… Read More

Estonian Payments Fintech ESTO Holdings Announces Increase in Debt Facility to €20M

ESTO Holdings OU, an Estonian payment processor and consumer credit provider, today announced an extension of its partnership with Multitude Bank p.l.c., increasing the debt facility to a total of €20 million. This significant boost will aim to accelerate ESTO’s consistent “growth trajectory to empower… Read More

Estateguru Originated €6.9M in Loans in March with Majority of Funding Coming from Estonia and Latvia

Estateguru has shared its latest Loan Portfolio Overview for the month of March 2024. Estateguru says they have “originated €6.9M worth of loans in March, with the majority of funding coming from Estonia, and Latvia.” Estateguru reveals that it “saw €8.4M in loan repayments, with… Read More

Investment Platform Bondora Reports Investors Adding Over €31M to Accounts in March

Investment platform Bondora has shared its latest performance and statistics for March 2024. The European investment platform has shared key insights into their ongoing growth and performance. In March 2024, Bondora claims that it welcomed 2,077 people who reportedly “created their investor accounts with them.”… Read More

EstateGuru Highlights Best Project of 2023 Out of 430 Funded Firms

EstateGuru, an online investment platform providing debt capital, has issued a comment on the “Project of the Year 2023.” The marketplace shares that 430 issuers raised money on the platform from projects in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, and Lithuania. Almost €100 million was funded in 2023… Read More

Estateguru Reports €6.1M in Loan Repayments in January with Additional €0.5M from Recovered Loans

Estateguru is sharing its loan portfolio for the month of January 2024. Estateguru says that it saw €6.1M in loan repayments in January, “with an additional €0.5M from recovered loans.” Estateguru says it also saw total returns amounting to €1.2M euros, with “an average return… Read More

EstateGuru Provides Update on 2023 Performance: €102 Million Invested on the Platform

EstateGuru, an online investment platform based in Estonia, has provided some insight into operations in 2023 According to the online lender, investors contributed €101.9 million to the marketplace. This can be segregated by €92.7 million from retail investors and  €9.2 million from institutional investors. The… Read More

Inbank Partners with Estonia’s Montonio, a Checkout Solutions Provider

Inbank has entered into a partnership with Montonio, a provider of checkout solutions in Estonia. The initial phase of the partnership will “be rolled out in Estonia, with future plans to expand to other markets.” Montonio is known for offering “a range of payment and… Read More

Estateguru Reports €10.1M in Loan Repayments in December with Additional €0.4M From Recovered Loans

Estateguru is reporting that it saw €10.1M in loan repayments in December, with an additional €0.4M from recovered loans. As noted in a blog post by Etstateguru, total returns “amounted to €1.1M, with an average return rate of 9.5%.” Estateguru further noted that they have… Read More

Estonia’s Consumer Loans Firm BB Finance Launches on Mintos Platform

Mintos is welcoming BB Finance OÜ, a consumer loans company operating in Estonia, offering new investment opportunities on Mintos “with interest rates of up to 12.5% per annum.” BB Finance was founded by CEO Martin Kolu and management board member Urmo Kokmann in 2006. The… Read More

Bondora Reports Over €10M in Loans Originated in Finland

Bondora reveals that November showed signs of slightly less activity for loan originations. Bondora noted that Finland remains “the most robust loan market, with over €10M in loan originations in November alone.” Due to strategic risk policy changes, “the Spanish market is also temporarily closed… Read More

Estateguru Reports €7.4M in Loan Volume, €10.6M in Repaid Principal, €1.2M in Repaid Interest for Nov 2023

In November 2023, the Estateguru platform continued to perform well. Estateguru reports that it “achieved a loan volume of €7.4M, with a total of €10.6M in repaid principal and €1.2M in repaid interest.” During the first 9 months of 2023, Estateguru’s investors have received “a… Read More

Fintech Adyen Enters Payments Partnership with S Group Across Finland and Estonia Locations

S Group, the Finnish retail market firm, is set to enhance customer experiences through an extensive partnership with Adyen (ADYEN:AMS), the global financial technology platform of choice for leading businesses. S Group offers everyday services “at grocery stores, hotels and restaurants, department stores, service station stores,… Read More

Bondora Reports Rebound for Originations and Investments in October 2023

Bondora reports that the month of October 2023 saw a rebound for originations and investments. Bondora notes in a blog post that after decreasing slightly in September, investments and originations rebounded in October. Both these statistics “totaled just over €15M, with a growth rate of… Read More

Estonian Payment Processor ESTO Holdings Reports Steady Business Growth

ESTO Holdings OU, an Estonian payment processor and consumer credit provider,  reported its financial results “for the three-quarters of 2023.” With revenue growth of 54% from a year ago, the company has “achieved a historic milestone by attaining a three consecutive quarter profit of EUR… Read More

EstateGuru Reports 80% Increase in YoY Repayments and Income

EstateGuru, an online investment platform for debt securities, says the first nine months of 2023 saw investors receiving €107.5 million in returns, with €13.5 million being profit. EstateGuru adds that Q3 delivered €46.6 million in principal repayments and income, an increase of over 80% compared… Read More

Bondora Reports Slight Decline in Originations and Investments in Sept 2023

After continued increases in July and August, Bondora has seen “slight dips” for originations and investments in September. As noted in a blog post by Bondora, both these statistics “totaled just under €15M, decreasing 5.1% from the previous month. Cash recoveries, however, did well, totaling… Read More

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