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Estateguru Adds Google Authenticator to Provide Additional Security for Clients’ Accounts

Estateguru reveals that they have now added Google Authenticator, which should help with providing additional security for clients’ accounts. As noted in a blog post by Estateguru, cybercrime is on the rise “in the digital age, and the days when a simple password was enough… Read More

EstateGuru Shares Latest German Market Loan Update

EstateGuru has shared the latest information on the German portfolio, and their recovery efforts in the market. Navigating the complexities of local legal requirements in Germany has “made resolving the defaults both a time consuming and frustrating process,” according to a blog post by EstateGuru…. Read More

EstateGuru Reports 80% Increase in YoY Repayments and Income

EstateGuru, an online investment platform for debt securities, says the first nine months of 2023 saw investors receiving €107.5 million in returns, with €13.5 million being profit. EstateGuru adds that Q3 delivered €46.6 million in principal repayments and income, an increase of over 80% compared… Read More

Estateguru Partners with Crowd Credit in Japan, Commits to Invest Up to €10 million

  European online investment platform EstateGuru has signed an agreement with Crowd Credit in Japan, where the platform will invest up to €10 million in projects listed on the EstateGuru platform. EstateGuru, based in Estonia, is an online lending platform that allows any investor to… Read More

Estateguru Reports €15.0M Successfully Repaid by Borrowers, and €10M in Loans Funded Across All Markets

August was a benchmark month for Estateguru, with a “record-breaking” €15.0M successfully repaid by borrowers. Estateguru also reports that it saw €10,0M in loans funded across all of their markets. August was a key month for Estateguru, with substantial repayments by platform borrowers. In addition… Read More

EstateGuru Says Crowdfunding is Back, Reports €18.9 Million Invested in July, August

European online investment platform EstateGuru says crowdfunding is back after booking two solid months of activity. According to the platform, investors committed €18.9 million to new projects during the months of July and August. At the same time, €30.4 million was returned to investors, including … Read More

Estateguru Makes Changes to Credit Policy to Strengthen Investor Portfolios, Improve Experience on Platform

Estateguru has implemented several changes to their credit policy, with the aim of strengthening their portfolio and elevating their investors’ experience on the platform. As noted in a blog post, Estateguru made various modifications to their existing credit policy, with the goal of enhancing their… Read More

EstateGuru Reports Robust Performance of Loan Origination Volume in July Across Key Markets

EstateGuru reports that the loan origination volume in July “performed robustly across our key markets.” As noted in the update shared by EstateGuru, Estonia accounted “for €5.0M, Latvia contributed €1.4M, and Lithuania added €1.9M, resulting in a total origination volume of €8.9M.” The EstateGuru team… Read More

In Partnership with Moody’s, EstateGuru Offers Ratings on Securities Offerings

EstateGuru, an online marketplace for property-backed loans, has partnered with Moody’s to rate the securities offerings listed on the crowdfunding platform. Mihkel Stamm, CEO of Estateguru, said it is very important that investors on crowdfunded offerings have access to the best possible information. He shared… Read More

EstateGuru Provides Half Year Update

EstateGuru, a platform that matches borrowers with investors, has provided a half year update on its activities. The company reported that during the first 6 months of the year, EstateGuru has financed 269 separate real estate projects raising €44 million. During the same period, investors… Read More

EstateGuru, a P2P Investing Platform, Adds Lemonway ‘Pay by Bank’ Option

EstateGuru has partnered with Lemonway in order to bring the Pay by Bank online payment solution to the platform, allowing users to add funds to their accounts directly from their bank accounts. EstateGuru has shared instructions as to how it works. The firm reminds clients… Read More

EstateGuru Comments on its Approval to Operate Under ECSPR to Provide Pan-European Securities Offerings

EstateGuru, an established online marketplace for secured loans, has been approved to operate across the European Union under ECSPR or European Crowdfunding Securities Provider Regulation. EstateGuru will join a handful of other online marketplaces to issue securities and raise capital online in the EU. As… Read More

EstateGuru Reports €8.2M Worth of New Loans Issued via Platform in May 2023

In May, Estateguru’s crowdfunding platform reportedly saw €8.2M worth of new loans. In May of this year, Estateguru’s crowdfunding platform reported steady activity. Their sales team is now “concentrating on the Baltics and Finland: in Estonia the volume was €4.0M, in Lithuania €1.4M, in Latvia… Read More

EstateGuru Receives ECSPR Approval

Estateguru has been approved to operate under European Crowdfunding Service Providers Regulation or ECSPR. Under the new EU legislation, a platform may sell securities online across all EU member states. Issuers may raise up to €5 million. Estateguru was approved by the Estonian Financial Supervision… Read More

EstateGuru Loan Origination Volume Rises, with €7M of Loans Provided in March 2023

In March 2023, the loan origination volume via EstateGuru reportedly “grew compared to February, with €7.0M worth of loans.” According to EstateGuru, the most active market “was Estonia (€3.1M), followed by Lithuania (€1.9M) and Finland (€1.2M).” In March, the loan origination volume via EstateGuru grew… Read More

Estateguru, a P2P Investing Platform, Reports Stable First Quarter of 2023

Estateguru, an online investing and originating platform that serves the European market, is reporting a “stable and success” first quarter of the year. Estategura says it funded 178 projects with a loan volume of €23 million and hitting a new milestone of over €700 million… Read More

EstateGuru Secondary Market Sellers Earned €306,500 with Over 65% Making a Profit

Estateguru’s secondary market provides their investors with an “exit strategy,” should they need access to their funds “before the loan matures, but it’s also a way to diversify your portfolio, and build your wealth.” As a peer-to-peer lending platform based in Europe, Estateguru claims it… Read More

€700M in Loans Financed via European Property Investment Platform EstateGuru

The second month of 2023 “produced the lowest loan origination volume” that EstateGuru has seen “in the last 12 months, with €6.5M worth of loans.” Despite that, the total historical financed loans via EstateGuru amount “has reached €700.0M, out of which €406.3M has been repaid.”… Read More

J&T Banka, EstateGuru to Fund Real Estate Projects in the Baltics

Estateguru, the Pan-European property investment platform, and the Czech investment bank J&T Banka have made an agreement “to fund real estate-backed loans in the Baltics.” J&T Banka initially “invested €2.5M in Finnish and German loans as part of its continued commitment to funding Estateguru loan… Read More

EstateGuru Increases Capital Reserves, Raises Additional Funding to Cope with Challenging Markets

Given the recent market landscape, which has been fraught with geopolitical tensions, rampant inflation, interest rate hikes, and generally volatile conditions, Estateguru management decided “to increase the capital reserves of the company at the start 2023, and raised additional capital from its founders, existing shareholders… Read More

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