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Jack Lu: CEO at Bounce.Finance Explains How DeFi May Bring Transparency to Auction Space

As the world becomes more digitized, auction houses are turning towards decentralized technology to improve the auction process. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) technology is one such innovation that could transform the auction industry, bringing transparency, security, and accessibility to the table. With the rise of blockchain… Read More

PAX Technology, a Payment Terminal Provider, Unveils European Launch of M30, M50 Android PayPhones

PAX Technology, a leading payment terminal solutions provider, has unveiled the European launch of the M30 & M50 Android PayPhones (at the payment industry’s Money20/20 event in Holland on 21-23 September 2021). The M-series PayPhones are the “first-ever” smartphones with inbuilt point of sale (PoS)… Read More

Wanchain Adds Litecoin to Cross-Chain Infrastructure

The Wanchain Foundation has fully integrated Litecoin into its cross-chain infrastructure. It joins Bitcoin, Ethereum, Wanchain, EOSIO, Binance Smart Chain, and XRP Ledger. Wanchain enables truly decentralized cross-chain transactions between isolated heterogeneous blockchain networks. The Litecoin addition allows LTC to be traded cross-chain and used… Read More

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