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Brief: Kickstarter Alum Bunch O Balloons Partners Tinnus Enterprises and Zuru File Suit Alleging Patent Infringement

This week, Tinnus Enterprises, LLC and Zuru Ltd. filed a suit in U.S. Federal Court against Telebrands Corp. and Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. alleging infringement of U.S. Patent 9,051,066. In case number 6:15-cv-00551 filed in the Eastern District of Texas, the plaintiffs allege that Telebrands’… Read More

Zulu Files Complaint Against Telebrands Corp. For IP Rights Infringement After Acquiring Rights to Bunch O Balloons

On January 27, 2015, ZURU filed a complaint with the U.S District Court in New Jersey against Telebrands Corp. – Provisional Case No. 2:33-av-0001 – for Intellectual Property Infringement of Tinnus Enterprises‘ Bunch O Balloons. ZURU’s complaint is based on the contention that Telebrands Corp. is infringing Bunch O… Read More

Bunch O Balloons Finishes Its Run on Kickstarter; Raises $929,000

During the remaining hours of its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Piano, Texas-based company Tinnus Enterprises raised $929,160 from 21,455 for its fun-for-all product, Bunch O Balloons. As previously reported, founder and father of eight, Josh Malone, took to the crowdfunding giant to raise only $10,000…. Read More

Bunch O Balloons Exceeds More Than 80 Times Its Initial Goal on Kickstarter

On July 22nd, Plano, Texas resident Josh Malone brought his creation, Bunch O Balloons, to Kickstarter. Just 15 days later, the inventor and family man has raised more than 80 times his initial funding goal and experienced overwhelming support that far surpasses the core tech-oriented… Read More

Bunch O Balloons Zooms to $100,000 on Kickstarter

The crowdfunding campaign for the new quick-fill water balloon hose attachment, Bunch O Balloons, is now live on Kickstarter. Since launch on Tuesday (July 22nd), the campaign has quickly hurdled the $10,000 goal as more than 3000 supporters contributed over  $120,000. The system allows users to… Read More

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