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Mobile Identity Platform Juvo Creates Partnership with Samsung NEXT

  Juvo, a mobile Identity scoring provider that wants to be a catalyst for providing access to finance for the underbanked, has announced a strategic investment from Samsung NEXT that will help provide access to the billions of prepaid users around the world who are currently financially… Read More

Ron Suber Named Strategic Advisor for Juvo

Juvo, a mobile Identity Scoring platform, has appointed Ron Suber, president of Prosper Marketplace, as strategic advisor to the company. Suber is a high profile investor in Fintech companies and is also investor in Juvo. The company said Suber’s prolific presence in Fintech and industry… Read More

Data Science & Mobile: Looking Through the Lens of Mobile Financial Services the Results are Transformational

Pretty much everyone has a smartphone these days. Either iOS or Android, we carrying our mini-computers with us everywhere, purchasing, reading, socializing, working and more. All day long. The data potentially captured by a smartphone is profound. There are many products and services that stand… Read More

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