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Tilt Prepares For Global Launch By Announcing Rollouts in The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Norway

This week, crowdfunding platform, Tilt, announced it is making the final preparations to launch globally starting in November by hitting five additional international markets by early 2016. Tilt, which was founded in 2012 by James Beshara and Khaled Hussein, recently placed a foothold in the European market… Read More

Tilt’s James Beshara & Khaled Hussein Discuss International Expansion

Following the announcement of its recent funding round capturing $30 million, Tilt’s co-founders James Beshara and Khaled Hussein sat down with TechCrunch to share their thoughts on the investment and the future of the crowdfunding platform. The media outlet revealed that Tilt has already expanded to the… Read More

Crowdfunding Platform Tilt Captures Around $30M During Recent Funding Round

Continuing to find success, sources have revealed that crowdfunding platform Tilt has raised around $30 million during its recent funding round. Co-founder and CEO of Tilt, James Beshara, told TechCrunch: “We weren’t in fundraising mode – there was strong outside interest with minimal dilution, and… Read More

Crowdtilt Updates Crowdfunding Platform with “Sliding Costs”

Crowdtilt, the crowdfunding platform that prides itself on allowing people to group fund anything they love, has unveiled a new feature – Sliding Costs – which now enables real-time tracking and adjustment of per-person contributions in fixed-cost crowdfunding efforts. With this application update, now when… Read More

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